North Americans clock in between 36 – 47 hours each week.  And if we’re not in an office, we’re still connected and responding to emails after hours.  Work has a hold on us to the point where we often joke about having work “husbands”, work “wives” and work families. Add to this that productivity numbers have been going up, while employee salaries have remained fairly stagnant. We’re working more, earning less and doing our best to navigate a whole new world of work.

Mark Carruthers, Principal and Senior Consultant with AVGI Management has been thinking about this new world of work for quite a few years.  As a financial professional and management consultant, he’s seen first-hand the impact that employees have on a small business.

Relationships Impact Productivity

If your staff is angry or feeling disengaged, especially if they are on the front lines, this can radically impact your customers’ experience with your business.

When we asked our community to tell us about their ideal workplace here’s what they said:

If you really look at these wish lists, you’ll see that the common denominator has nothing to do with investing money in fancy office furniture — all people really want is to be respected and understood and their opinions valued.

When we asked folks what DE-motivated employees, we got another round of simple answers that you won’t find surprising.

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