Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the Internet. In January of 2012, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus combined. Currently, about five million users have signed up, and the site receives over a million unique visitors every day. And these numbers will continue to grow.

There’s no denying the power of this relatively new presence on the social media scene. And here are some ways you can use that power to market your own business.

Market Your Products

If your business sells products, you can use Pinterest to showcase them. In fact, you can use Pinterest to quickly create a catalog of all of your company’s products. Create a board for each of the different types of products you offer. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can create a Rings board, a Bracelets board, and so on.

Add a caption to each picture describing the product and revealing the price. Make sure the pictures you pin to your Pinterest boards come directly from your own website. This way, the picture will link back to your own site.

Market Your Services

If you have a service business, you can use Pinterest to create an online portfolio of your work. If you’re a landscaper, you can create boards devoted to some of your most impressive projects. If you are a website designer, create boards devoted to some of your most visually stunning creations. If you’re a wedding planner, create boards for some of the weddings you’ve done.

Even a writer can create a portfolio on Pinterest. Just add a relevant image to each of your writing samples. You can then pin that image to a Pinterest board, and add a caption that will make people want to read the piece.

Offer Discounts

Most people love a good deal, and you can use Pinterest to let people know when there is a discount on your goods and services. Create a coupon graphic that can be pinned to a Pinterest board. Use the caption to let people know more about the goods or services that are being discounted, and how much they can save.

Do More Than Just Sell

The secret of Pinterest success is building relationships with other Pinterest users. If your Pinterest page is just about selling things to people, some people will be turned off. So along with your portfolio boards and catalog boards, create some boards that are simply interesting and fun. But even a board that exists “just for fun” can be relevant to your business somehow.

A wedding planner can create boards about their favorite wedding movies or popular wedding songs. A baker can create boards devoted to their favorite, low-fat cake recipes, or over-the-top birthday cakes. A landscaper can create boards about famous gardens all around the world, or the best plants and flowers to use in different regions.

Use your imagination, and you can come up with dozens of board idea that would be relevant to your business.

Pinterest has fast become a social media powerhouse. And you can use that power to attract new customers to your business.

About the author😕Maggie Lisle is a contributor to Degree Jungle and social media enthusiast. She has several years experience in using social media platforms to promote websites, blogs and small businesses.