It’s tax time and if you’re like me, you’ve been fishing through your expenses and watching your business get nickel-and-dimed to resemble the size of the national debt. OK — I’m exaggerating. But seriously, folks — you can literally go broke in your business if you don’t take the time to save yourself some

Some MOST AWESOME marketing tools and apps that will save you money

Tempo Calendar App: ?(Sorry Droid users, currently this is only in iOS) I heard about this app from a Press Release pitch in my email. I downloaded the app and in a few minutes, something really interesting happened — I could see my appointments, directions to the location and the recent correspondence with that person. Not only that, but I can send them email straight from the app to tell them I’m late. This is an administrative assistant in your pocket for sure!

  • Cost: FREE
  • Savings: 1 Admin Assistant or VA at an average $20/hr.

AW Pro Tools: Attention aWeber email marketing system users — you’re going to want to check this one out for sure. Aweber is the standard for a lot of marketing folks, if you have a list that’s under 10,000 users or so, then Aweber is a super choice. It does have it’s drawbacks, however. Most notably the fact that it isn’t easy to “tag” people and move them into another list where they can receive more info on topics that are of interest to them. Until I discovered AW Pro Tools, I thought you had to invest roughly $10,000 in InfusionSoft. Not so. AW Pro Tools is only $29 per month — so it’s really affordable if you’ve been considering InfusionSoft, but your pocket has been saying NO!

  • Cost: $29/mo
  • Savings: An average of $516 per month over Infusionsoft (I chose the $379 package and that also includes the required $2000 jump start package when you purchase InfusionSoft)

Five Second Test: A shout out to my SEO team (Vedran and Ines) from Local Ants who recommended this resource. This is a ridiculously useful tool if you’re designing a web site or landing page. Basically you sign up, click on a button and they show you a web site for five seconds and then ask you questions about it such as “Is it trustworthy” or “where would you click to order”? It’s not only easy — it’s fun and educational. The best part is that you earn “Karma Points” for answering questions and that then gives you the ability to trade your Karma Points to upload your very own site and have that tested. A few friends and I did this as a team and had a blast and we learned a TON about our sites and about what works in site design.

  • Cost: Answer a few questions and it’s FREE
  • Savings: Thousands — that you would be to a usability testing firm.