Happiness sells.  If you want to really connect with people, add a dash of humor to your brand name. Why? Well, it works. By engaging to a consumer’s emotions, you make them remember you. Incorporating humor to your business humanizes your brand. Thus, establishing a comfort level between your business and your niche which could ultimately lead to sales.

Is humor really that powerful and what benefits are there to bringing humor to work — more importantly, how can you develop your own personal style of humor without hurting your business?

Today’s guest is Mark Anderson, a business cartoonist who publishes the super popular Andertoons business cartoons. Mark shares his knowledge on adding humor to business. Listen and discover why small business owners should not be afraid to use humor in branding.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to Develop Your Style of Humor
  • Should You Bring Humor to Your Business?
  • Tips for How a Small Business Can Add Humor to Their Brand
  • Bringing The Humor Out of the Situation
  • Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Use Humor in Branding


“Being funny  in real life and being funny in a cartoon are two different things.”

“Marketing rules and business rules apply to cartoons as well.”

“Social media is right for it (humor).”

“Cartoons are just made for social media.”

“On average, it takes a person 7 seconds to read a cartoon. That’s why they are so good for social media.”

“Take this observation, idea or topic to the most absurd extreme possible.”

“Let your mind go and don’t start from nothing.”

“The idea is not to be the funniest guy.”

“Humor is such a great way to connect.”

“We want to be funny but we don’t want to be too funny. We want people to know that we take this seriously.”


Links and Resources Mentioned:

Mark’s Website

Mark on Twitter, @andertoons