Nearly 60 percent of shoppers say they take advantage of retail and commercial sales and promotions for themselves around the holidays, according to online marketing trends– and that extends to more holidays than just Christmas. Every holiday can prove to be a valuable asset to your business, with loads of promotional potential just waiting to be unlocked. Take the Fourth of July, for example, our nation’s birthday (or at least the day we celebrate it) is the perfect time to make the most of whatever product or service your company offers.A Mardi gras jester's mask with beads on a black background

Decorate Your Space

Decorate your small business with items traditionally used during the Fourth of July. Red, white and blue pinwheels, flags, streamers and fireworks. You can even order streamers in bulk so you can hand them out to your customers, orprint business cards from Printingforless.comfor less than you’d spend on traditional fliers or hand outs? along with that added sparkling flair.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Giveaway

Generate more business by offering them a change to win a Fourth of July themed giveaway with any purchase. Whatever your giveaway offers, give it a catchy name, press release, and get to work promoting it online. Familiarize yourself with local forums and online communities, as well as national sweepstakes and coupon communities. Thousands of people frequent them every day, waiting for the next great deal or chance to get their hands on something for free. However, if your prize or giveaway exceeds a value of $600.00, you must register it according to your state’s laws.

Offer Deals and Incentives

Now that your festive decorating skills have brought in some customers, offer them discounts and deals. A great way to make money is by offering customers deals: if they feel they’re getting a great deal they’re willing to spend more money than they would on a normal day. Try offering 10 percent off on their entire purchase, or do a BOGO sale on Fourth of July specific items. If the customers are excited to shop, they’ll spend the money.

Use Social Media

When you have begun to build a presence online from your incentives and/or giveaways, it’s time to follow up with consistent social media outreach. Although many businesses upload their information and carefully fill out their social media profiles, they don’t update them nearly enough. When you upload pictures of your business on sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it has to be a continuous, interactive proceess. Your followers will see all the festive and new items for the holiday and will want to check it out for themselves. Marketing through social media is always a great way to get more business so make sure you post daily leading up to the Fourth of July about your deals, incentives and new inventory.