Have you been ignoring the power of print?

I quit printing about a year or so ago. And you won’t believe why. The printer I have is so complicated with so many bells and whistles that it takes a computer science degree just to print a simple document. So I just quit printing. I have to admit that I didn’t miss it. But then I ran into this really fun spoof of the Apple brand style commercial. This isn’t the only one, there are lots of them out there. But the reason I really like this one is that it shows the creative power of taking an existing habit of thought and reversing it.


Another marketing lesson that I hope you take away from this video spoof of the Apple commercials is that digital isn’t everything. Print is a very valid way of getting your marketing across.

With today’s printing technology and the ability to not only print high quality documents with an affordable inkjet as you can with a high-end laser, a whole new world of three-dimentional print marketing is open to you.

Here are just a few print marketing ideas that you can play with over the next few days:

  1. Create a special coupon or discount offer for an organization or specific group
  2. If you’re a local business, write a personal letter and distribute it as a flyer. Add an actual gift certificate for a decent amount of money (depending on what your business offers; $10 for example) ?This is a fantastic way to give your advertising dollars to people who will actually SHOW up to your location. I give more tips like this on this video from MSNBC.
  3. Purchase note cards and send custom-printed notes with your own pictures, graphics and messages. I actually took my son’s art projects from elementary school, snapped pictures of his paintings and pictures and printed them off. With some creative cropping these turned out amazing! Clients loved them too.
  4. Print out some cards with thought bubbles in them and prompt your customers to write out testimonials. “My favorite thing about ABC Company is…(empty thought bubble here) — As folks fill these out, you can collect them and display them. Another thing you can do is snap a picture of the card and use it on your web site as a graphic.
  5. Print pictures of the products and services you offer on the back of your business card — this is especially great if you’re a restaurant or a retailer.
  6. Grab photos of your customers and add a testimonial as a text overlay – then turn those into postcards that you can give or send in the mail. Check out some of these examples over at Moo.com or just purchase your own postcards and print them DIY style.
  7. Create a cheat-sheet, checklist or guide your customers can carry with them. Online checklists and guides are all the rage, but this example shows you the very real benefits that only come with something you can hold in your hand.

Share some of your creative ideas for printed marketing in the comments below.[Tweet “Share a creative printed marketing idea you’ve used or seen? Snap a pic if you can.”]