Today’s guest post comes from Ron Finklestein, Your Success Coach. Ron is an author and success coach. His company, AKRIS works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build their business and balance their life. Ron is called Your Small Business Success Expert? by his clients because of his passion for their success and his knowledge of business.

In marketing there are only six questions all prospects want answers to before they buy from you. Every marketing strategy, tactic or campaign you create needs to answer these six questions.

1. What Do You Do? When I ask this question I always get the same answers: I am a financial planner. I am a business coach. I am a (fill in the blanks). I hate to break this to you but that is not what you do but how you do it. The prospect wants to know what outcomes they will experience when they work with you. That is the real answer to this question.

2. Why AM I Different?

Tell the prospect why you are different. All they really want to know is why your product or service is a benefit to them. Each of us is unique at what we do. The key is communicating this concept effectively to our prospect is so important.

3. Why should your Prospects Care that you are different. They only want to know how working with you will:

    • make it safe for them?
    • make them more effective?
    • make them more productive?
    • make them right?
    • make them look good?

4. What do you do better than anything else in the world? Each of the examples below comes from real companies. What do YOU do better than anyone else in the world?

    • Free shipping?
    • Amazon 1-Click?
    • Create relationships (accountant)?
    • 100% ROI Guarantee?
    • Highest quality (FORD)?
    • Make memories (Disney)?
    • Money back guarantee (GM)?
    • Safety (Volvo)?

5. Why is that important to your prospects? Since you know what you do better than anyone else in the world, than show your prospects how it will:

      • Make them more money?
      • Give them more free time?
      • Create more value in their company?
      • Save them money?
  • How can you prove it?

6. Finally, why buy from me? This is a very important question to your prospects.

  • Do you have expert credentials?
  • Do you have trusted relationship?
  • Have you gotten results for others?
  • Do you have endorsement from others?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Can you provide a track record of success?

Answer these six questions and then tell each prospect so they will know what you know.