From time to time, I like to analyze the Facebook ads from marketing gurus in my stream to see what the gurus are selling. I do this because it tells me what some of the best marketers see as the biggest challenges you’re having as a small business owner.

My goal here is to help you learn from the best and also make good decisions for which programs to invest in to take your marketing forward.

Disclaimer: The gurus are real

First things first. The gurus I’m going to cover today are for real. These folks are master marketers who have experienced proven success. I’ve been following these people for years and they put out quality content and quality products. As for the results — those depend on you.

These gurus have shifted their business model from growing others businesses to selling what they’ve learned about growing others businesses. This is by no means “bad and wrong”. After all, if you go and see a movie or you go to a restaurant and you have a killer experience, you’re going to want to share it with the world.

And this is what these marketing gurus are doing. They’ve been down and out, they created a system that delivered results — FOR THEM — and they want to share it with you.

The Critical Assumptions Gurus Make About YOU — That Can Ultimately Cause You to Fail

Every marketing guru on the planet will tell you that you have to know your audience. And believe me when I tell you, they know YOU. They’ve been studying you, your pain points, your frustrations, doubts and unfulfilled dreams for more than 20 years. They know how you breathe, they know what color underwear you have on today and they know you are hungry for change.

Marketing gurus: Brendon Burchard - coaching program
In this Facebook Ad, master marketing guru, Brendon Burchard is building goodwill and relationships with future clients by giving away content to his target customers. He know’s you’re freaking out and wants to offer something for free, so you’ll remember him when you have money to spend.

So, this is what they lead with.

They also know that you aren’t very clear on on important elements in any marketing system. In many cases, they have content in their programs to help you uncover these details. But, 99% of you aren’t quite ready to successfully complete the program.

Remember — at the time that you are seeing their ads, they’ve experienced a lifetime of failure, trial and error and have taken the time to tweak and optimize their product and service.

OH — and don’t forget. While you were living your life, they’ve been building on their own expertise and building a team of experts who do this in their sleep.

In other words, your results WILL vary. I mean really, if they were to lead with these assumptions you’d never invest your money in the program. So they don’t do that. Don’t hate them for it. Instead keep this in mind as you’re evaluating programs.

So, let’s review the key assumptions marketing gurus are making about you — that YOU need to keep in mind. If you’re unsure about any of these, resolve it for yourself before you purchase any programs.

You are an expert in your area and have no time or patience for tools, platforms and technical stuff

The marketing experts you follow assume that you are a master at your industry or craft as much as they are a master of theirs. They also assume that what you are missing is a way to get your awesomeness into the world. And that is where they come in.

marketing gurus featuring interactive video platform
In this Facebook Ad, these marketing gurus are making the assumption that you already KNOW that you want to use interactive videos to sell your product or service. Don’t make the mistake of saying “OH – yeah, I know I should do video, let’s get this program and see how it works.”

Many marketing gurus are offering technical tools, marketing funnels and systems that are very effective. But here’s the deal. You have to be able to translate your expertise into content that can be dropped into these platforms and systems. And that is exponentially harder if you don’t have that content.

You have a killer offer that has a proven success record

Not only do marketing gurus expect you to know your stuff, they expect that you have a proven success record. As Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer likes to say — no amount of marketing can take the place of a crappy product or service.

For example, almost every marketing platform or process will require some social proof such as testimonials and success statistics. If you are just starting out, this will take some time to develop. And, when you get to that portion of the process, you’ll stall.

They also assume that you have the ingredients of creating an irresistible offer. Their programs will help you create irresistible offers, but if you aren’t an expert or you don’t have a proven success record, this will be extremely difficult.

That you know for a fact who your ideal customer is and what their pain points are

If you’re looking at purchasing a system or a process, the marketing guru will have a section of that content devoted to identifying your ideal customer. If you don’t have this work done yet, you will struggle.

The key to success here is to stay with it. Finding an ideal customer can often be a trial and error proposition and you have to have the persistence and grit to persist.

Marketing guru who knows their ideal customer
This marketing guru knows her ideal customer — someone who has been prospecting and having sales conversations, but NOT closing those sales.

As you watch the program, the experts will offer dozens of examples that seem SO OBVIOUS and easy. Then, when you try to do this yourself, you’ll struggle. Again, they make it seem easy because they’ve been through this thousands of times — compared to this being your first time.

They assume that you have chosen a marketing strategy, tactics and channels wisely

There’s a marketing guru out there for every single marketing strategy and tactic. Email marketing, video marketing, membership sites, books, speaking, content marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc. You name it, someone has cracked the code on how to succeed at using that specific tactic to get customers, keep customers and make money.

This marketing guru is focusing on small business owners who have already decided on email marketing to support their strategy – BUT — they aren’t getting anyone to open their emails.

Remember, they’ve been failing at this for longer than you’ve been thinking about it. And they found something that works for THEM. They are offering it up to you. But if you haven’t done the upfront strategic thinking about who your ideal customer is, the irresistible offer and how you’re going to best reach them — you will be wasting your time and money.

Do your strategic thinking and choosing first. Then identify exactly what marketing tactic you will use to reach those customers and convert them. Now, you can focus on just those marketing experts and strategies that best match what you’ve chosen for yourself.

You have at least $5,000 or more to invest in implementing your marketing campaigns

If you’ve purchased a house, you already know that your mortgage payment is just one cost of running a house. There are a dozen other costs associated with successfully living in a home; taxes, maintenance, utilities, etc. Depending on your circumstance, you need to add an additional 50% additional money to your mortgage to cover all of these costs.

The same is true when you purchase a marketing program, platform or system. There is the cost of purchasing it – and then there is the cost of actually running and implementing it.

marketing gurus selling webinar platforms - webinarjam
WebinarJam was developed by two marketing gurus who cracked the code on using webinars as a direct selling tool. But here’s the deal — webinarJam and EverWebinar will run you about $1000 per year! That doesn’t include subscriptions to email marketing systems that streamline your sales process.

As you consider programs and platforms from marketing gurus, remember to look at the TOTAL cost of purchasing, learning, implementing and managing that marketing system.

If you have a slush fund dedicated to this project — you can breeze through the program without stopping or dropping out because you don’t have the resources to implement their suggestions.

The marketing experts will give you the benefit of their experience, a platform, a process — but YOU will have to invest in implementing them. You might need to hire a designer, pay for web hosting, video editing, copywriting and anything else that’s required to be successful but that you can’t do yourself.

You are desperate to achieve a dream and a fix to your current state

As I mentioned earlier in this article, the one thing that marketing gurus understand is how desperate you are for success. They understand because they’ve been there. But here’s what you have to remember, they will help you shortcut your learning curve by sharing what THEY did and what worked for them.

Just remember all the processes in the world, email templates and tools will never replace YOU. In other words, you are you and marketing gurus are marketing gurus. Your goal is to be come a guru in your own space. And that means that there are no silver bullets.

Stay true to your dream, stay focused and work hard. Don’t give up just because you aren’t getting the same results as the marketing gurus are talking about or promising. You will get your own results. You will tweak, optimize and improve and you will reach your dream.