Is it Time to Fix Your Business?

Monday April 16 @ 2pm ET/11pm PT

Is it Time to Fix Your Business?

April 16 @ 2pm ET/11am PT


Ask any successful business owner and entrepreneur and they will tell you that underneath all of that success is a long list of failures.  Melinda Emerson doesn’t call them failures, she likes to say that you either “win or you learn”.  


As part of her ongoing mission to save entrepreneurs from business failure, Emerson has published a brand new book Fix Your Business: A 90-Day Plan to Get Back Your Life and Remove Chaos From Your Business. 

Emerson has distilled the critical success factors of your business into what she calls the 12 P’s of running a successful business; preparation, purpose, people, profit, processes, productivity, performance, product, presence , prospects, planning, and perseverance. Think of them as pillars that hold up your business. If you run one pillar a week over 12 weeks, that’s 90 days.  You don’t have to run through the whole book, you can select any chapter or pillar and simply do a deep dive.

In each chapter, you’ll find a basic description of the concept an interview with an expert on the topic and a selection of fixes that you can use to get your business moving in the right direction.  At the end of each chapter is a section Emerson calls “Emerson’s Urgencies” where Melinda lists some triggers or events that serve as red flags for any small business owner.  Basically, if you are experiencing any of these emergencies — seek immediate help.


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From the Tweet Chat

Q1: What’s the difference between a business and a hobby?

Q2: What does it mean to be a business owner?


Q3: In your opinion, why do small businesses fail?


Q4: What are some red flags that will tell you that your business needs “fixing”?


Q5: What are some things every business owner should be doing regularly to assure that their business is healthy?


Q6: If you were a camera documenting a “successful and happy” business owner, what would you see?


Q7: How do you manage the stress of running a business?


Q8: Should every small business owner strive for growth? Why or Why not?


Q9: What are the different types of growth worth striving for?


Q10: What is ONE “Fix” you are working on in your business RIGHT NOW? Why?


Learn How to Become a Marketing Powerhouse Without a Budget

Learn How to Become a Marketing Powerhouse Without a Budget

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