You don’t have to be perfect. There. I said it. Being good enough is actually ENOUGH so, give yourself a break! Is striving for perfection a good thing or a bad thing? In this episode, Carrie Maslen from Gilroy Associates, talks about the dangers of perfectionism. Listen and learn how striving for perfections is actually holding you back. Follow these helpful suggestions on how to strike the right balance between perfection and excellence.

Carrie is a leader in the high tech industry, with proven expertise in strategy and execution, business development, and go-to-market sales, operations, and marketing for both end user and channel teams. She has leadership and management experience with both direct and virtual teams at global, national, and regional levels and is skilled in operations, project management, business planning, and mergers.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Should We Strive for Perfection?
  • How Perfectionism Holds You Back
  • Aiming for Excellence and Not Perfection
  • Working Towards a Minimum Buyable Product
  • Is Technology Helping Us As We Aim for Excellence?
  • Tips for Balancing Excellence and Perfection
  • How To Talk to a Perfectionist Boss



“We look at so many symbols and icons of the world around us – whether it is fashion or sports or business – and we see perfection.”


“When we see the people who are already superstars, we believe that they are perfect.”

“With social media, it is even more difficult to discern what’s really happening.”

“We are perfectly imperfect.”

“The only way to keep our sanity is to know when to accept that good enough is good enough and that perfection isn’t always the best answer.”

“When we strive for perfection, we might be putting up some barriers that would prevent us from even trying.”

“The whole aura of perfection can stop us from ever getting started.”

“Striving for perfection requires energy.”

“Perfection can be the enemy of progress.”

“Make sure you can stand behind it before you put it out there.”

“Be careful about the signals you send to your team.”


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