Preparing your Facebook business page for changes that the network will eventually roll out to the public is one way of getting ahead of the bandwagon. There are many things that you can do to set up your account correctly for the variations that are coming out.

Here are three tips to do with your Fan Page.

#1 Get visual with your photos

Photos have been enlarged in news feed. It is best to post good quality pictures and display your fine brand with a custom image if possible. Think of images that you can bring into your business even if you’re not into imagery business.

Pools and scenic views are examples that stand out. Another thing you can do is find a picture and put quotes on it that are motivational.

For more ideas on types of photos to post and other social media content ideas, download my guide at

#2 Ask your Fans to Participate!

Your fans love sharing about what they do. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so let them. But have the do this right on your page.

One of the most successful ways I have grown my page is through Fan Page Fridays. This is where others can share their page and we all mutually like the other’s page. I’ve learned about a lot of other business pages this way. It also gives additional exposure to my page.

fan page

Other ideas are asking them to share their pet pictures, kid pictures, their other social sites and more. It just depends on your business and keeping it relevant to your audience.

#3 Have an Awesome Cover Image!

Your page?s cover image shows your brand and who you are. This is the main representation of your business when non-fans and fans go to your page. If you don’t have a professional, attention-grabbing cover image on it, your ad will not do well.

It also helps your ads stand out. Facebook isn’t free anymore and if you really want to grow your business on Facebook, you need to run ads.

I continuously run sponsored ads on for my page and many of my clients? pages. I set them up through Power Editor and only run in the News Feed. (Statistically, this gets a better click-through-rate than the side bar ads).

When you run these ads, part of your cover image shows in the News Feed (see example), so formatting it properly is important too.

FBThere are many things you can do to prepare your business page when you set it up and continuously. These are just three that should be simple to implement.