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Earlier this week I published a round up of sales and marketing organization tips, these were so popular that I’ve pulled together some of the conversations that also talked about organization.

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I was recently interviewed by a local radio station about time management. At first, I was a little curious about why they would choose me — a marketing expert, to talk about time. Their reasoning was that a small business owner who deals in the world of marketing must have a lot of balls in the air and if anyone would have to manage their time – they would be a good source.

I can’t say that I disagree with that. So here’s a link to the interview — enjoy the tips:

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If you’re not into audio, here’s a quick summary of the tips I use – these aren’t in the same order, may or may not be included in the audio – they are just what I do to manage my time daily.

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[Tweet “#TimeManagement Tip: Get up EARLY – early risers are more productive and more successful (so they say)”]

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If you want more tips, you’ll have to listen to the audio.

Life is Like IKEA; Assembly Required

This week, I also had a DIYMarketers Masterclass Hangout with organizational expert Kathleen Day from Lifesmith University.

She shared more fantastic tips about how to identify the most important things and then schedule them into your day — literally creating your day and ultimately your life with time for everything!


Share your time management tips!

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