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DIYMarketers’ readers are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, consultants, influencers, experts, and recommenders of products and services for small business owners.

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The DIYMarketers Audience

Our audience inclues mostly solopreneurs and small business owners who do NOT have a marketing department.

Slightly More Men Than Women

Leaning slightly more male than female, the key attribute of our audience isn’t their gender as it is their attitude.

Our audience believes in owning their brand.  Before they outsource anything, they want to make sure they understand what success looks like. 

75% is Under 44

The DIYMarketers attracts a crowd of entrepreneurs who are in the prime of building their business.

This audience is hungry for tools that help them automate their business and make them more productive. 


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Ivana Taylor

OK -- I get it -- You're just not that into me -

BUT — you can still get awesome savings on tools to automate your marketing!

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