Just a few years ago, a marketing executive or PR firm had to spend many thousands of dollars to establish their target consumer demographic, attitudes, and motivations through focus groups or other traditional qualitative research methods. In addition, the information-gathering, analysis, and reports took weeks and sometimes months to complete. That often spelled disaster to the professionals who needed to pitch valid, on-target ideas to leading-edge corporations, and expensive failures to budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Since, in essence, management is about making decisions, managers with the best information, can make the best decisions. Marketing research exists to help management reduce risk loss.

Marketing research has been defined as ?the systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing.

GutCheck is the answer to the need for quick and affordable market research. Their DIY qualitative research application is an innovative, valid method to allow businesses, large and small, easy access to target customer demographics in an affordable and time-friendly manner through their platform of US consumer research participants. No more lengthy, budget-busting research initiatives. Now businesses have immediate access to target consumers for direct feedback. The time investment is hours as opposed to weeks; cost is a few hundred dollars compared to thousands or tens of thousands.

No longer does one have to rely on lengthy proposals and expensively produced research briefs to obtain all the information necessary to achieve the desired goal. Time doesn’t have to be the enemy of the marketing manager being pressured for a quick answer, because the quality of information gathered doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

In the conversation of resource allocations for companies of all sizes and applications, GutCheck is a solution that is long overdue.

This revolutionary web-based tool, with a simple IM style chat interface, enables one-on-one chat interviews for you to research concepts in real-time with a target market demographic. The delivered result is quick, qualitative and affordable research contained in transcripts of your interviews to review and share with colleagues.

The service is easy to set up, simple to use, and a great value for valid market information. At $40 per completed interview, this makes conducting qualitative research an option not previously available to budget or time constrained marketers. Every digital marketer, advertising agency, public relations agency, and brand manager can now avoid making expensive marketing mistakes and ensure greater returns on ROI.

Configuring GutCheck to conduct research is easy. Using their Recruitment Engine, you can set the demographic profile of the target market US consumer you want to get feedback from (ie. Females, aged 23 -54, living in the Northeast and West with a HHI of $40k+, etc.) along with any question that will filter a buyer behavior or brand preference. The GutCheck patent pending technology will take that information and query their platform panels of over 3.5 million US consumer research participants and bring in the target consumer research participant that fits within your demographic range and answers any custom questions according to the buyer persona you want to speak with. The GutCheck Chat Guide Preparation area allows you to develop and save your line of questioning ahead of the live chat. This allows you to click & send? the questions in the chat interview, so you can control the flow of the conversation and focus on probing when presented with unique and unanticipated answers.

Customers of GutCheck have stated that having the ability to create chat sessions as needed allowed them to test concepts and ideas without time-consuming preparation. They were able to find the target respondents they needed which proved extremely convenient. From Agencies to Entrepreneurs benefiting from GutCheck, they were able to obtain necessary feedback needed to give the thumbs up on campaign concepts and product development. The support of the GutCheck team was readily available and reliable, resulting in timely results that meant increased, sales and successful pitches.

In today’s marketplace, there’s no money to spare and no time to waste. Success in advertising, research, and development depends on quick, on-target information and that’s what GutCheck will deliver for you. Visit the website today for more information at www.GutCheckIt.com.

About the Author: Marshall England is the Director of Marketing for GutCheck, an innovative DIY web application for conducting qualitative research at 10% of the cost of traditional methods. He specializes in growning businesses from a digital marketing perspective.