Raise your hand if you’ve got social media handled!

Yeah — I thought so. I’ve been doing this social media thing for a long time and the question I get asked most often is how do you manage all these conversations AND how do you ever make money using social media.

The answer to managing social media is in automation. And the answer to making money on social media is only determined by how well you manage those relationships.

The New Nimble is a Super-Two-Fer Social CRM

I was first introduced to Nimble a few years ago. You can read about the first version of Nimble here. At the time, Nimble’s primary benefit was to pull all your social media channels into one space so that you can manage those conversations and turn them into money-generating opportunities. It was a fantastic tool and I used it for a while, but then quickly defaulted to my default social media management channels which included Gmail and HootSuite.

The folks over at Nimble were no strangers to this habit and this is why they wasted no time in improving the system to bring CEO Jon Ferrara’s vision of relationship driven sales management to life so that users could and would make the Nimble platform an integral part of their work day.

Nimble helps you convert contacts to customers

Most Customer Relationship Management tools such as Salesforce.com or Highrise are excellent tools for sales organizations. But if you’re a solopreneur, online marketer, subject matter expert or small business owner who gets most of their business via word-of -mouth, referral marketing or relationships that you’ve developed using social media — these traditional CRM tools are ok, but they are more focused on sales management rather than converting our social media contacts into customers.

Nimble is dedicated to helping you build relationships with your contacts and then transform those relationships into profitable new opportunities and new business.

Here are just a few of the cool features that Nimble has that will make your job of managing your social media, networking and referral relationships a breeze.

How Nimble works

  1. Everyone in the pool! You want to get all your social media contacts and calendars in one place! As soon as you create your Nimble account, you’ll be asked to start connecting your contacts from several different channels that include; your contacts (Gmail, Outlook, etc), LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare ,etc. Nimble makes it as easy as clicking on a button.
  2. Connect to Gmail. If you’re like me and use Gmail, then you will want to connect your Nimble account to your Gmail account using the Rapportive.com Extension.
  3. Click on Social and check your notifications.?Everyone loves to see what’s being said about them across the social web — so you’ll want to click on the social tab first and then on “Notifications”.
    Here you quickly and easily respond authentically and in context to the people who are talking about you.
  4. Collaborate and track tasks and deals. Each of these feature in and of itself is a BIG deal. But it’s how they work together to allow you to create a deal, set up tasks and collaborate with your team is what sets this system appart.

In my interview with Jon Ferrara he mentioned that Foursquare was now integrated into the new version of Nimble. I’m not a big Foursquare user, but after Jon told me how he was able to meet with a contact and do a deal after seeing him check in on Foursquare made me think differently.

His story or example made me realize that what sets Nimble apart from other CRMs is its focus on RELATIONSHIP. Nimble doesn’t have fancy funnel charts or reports like the others. It’s focus is on helping you keep important conversations alive and converting ideas that come up in conversations into actions that lead to revenue.

Daily reminders keep you engaged

Perhaps my favorite feature of all is the daily email that gives me a summary of the social action that’s happened over about 24 hours. It reviews birthdays and job changes as well as what they call “engagement opportunities” — a listing of people who followed you and mentioned you — with a reply button that allows you to get into a relevant conversation with them.

When I first started using Nimble, the challenge was going over to the app and staying there. I won’t lie — I preferred my gmail. But this Nimble daily lands in my email and then allows me to engage with my community in a powerful way.

How Nimble are YOU?

Nimble is an awesome name because it describes exactly what you’ll become. I’ll end this article the way I started it. When people ask me how I manage it all — now you know — it’s Nimble.