One of the hottest trends in building a list for your blog or newsletter is to ask people to become guest contributors to your blog. What I’ve come to find out in this process is that there are quite a few experts out there who don’t have a web?presence.

One of the best reasons to become a guest writer or contributor to someone’s blog is to build links and an audience that you may not be able to reach through your existing community. And one of the biggest set backs is when you contribute an article to a blog — and then have no link to send readers to for more information about you.

Focus Your Efforts on Facebook

An easy way to remedy this is to actually create a Facebook Fan page for your company.

  1. It’s FREE,
  2. It will allow you to advertise and collect followers, write articles and link to other resources that your friends and colleagues would appreciate.
  3. It’s focused. Instead of having a web site, blog and Facebook Fan Page – everyone will be concentrated in one place.
  4. You’ll be able to build engagement within the community because you’ll be actively managing the page. Companies and people who have blogs, web sites and fan pages often give short shrift to their fan pages. You will be ahead of the game.

LinkedIn Builds Your Personal Brand

  1. Build your personal brand with LinkedIn by completely filling out your profile.
  2. Build Your Profile like a Brochure – not a resume. Get creative with your profile. In the “position” fields use titles like “Author” or “writer” or “Chair” and describe the organizations that you did these things for. You get to choose which ones to show – so be sure to feature the title with the most brand value to your audience.
  3. Be sure to participate in groups because those show up as part of your profile.
  4. Answer questions and build your reputation as an expert by having your expertise featured.
  5. Build your?endorsements. Set a goal to write one endorsement for a colleague every day and ask for them to return the favor. You’ll have a ton of these built up before you know it.
  6. Make it easy for people to contact you. Please be sure to have updated information listed. And post updates frequently.

Another option is to build up your Local Search Profile in Bing, Google Places and Yahoo. Read more about why local search isn’t just for local retailers.