There’s only one reason I would consider using or paying for a CRM tool and that is if it made me money or saved me money and what I’m going to tell you is going to do both.

Nimble is a relationship building app specifically targeted toward entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, consultants and experts who use a relationship marketing strategy. That means that they build and grow their business with JV Partners, webinars with experts, information products, online publications and selling products and services to folks who are active online and in social media.

Nimble pulls all of your channels together so you can warm up your first contact

Nimble’s commitment is to help you leverage your online connections and transform them from loose conversations on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook into strong profitable relationships.

The way that do that and their primary distinction is that they pull all of your social media streams together into one work area. On the surface, this sounds awesome and efficient (and it is) except that most of us just can’t stop hopping from platform to platform it’s just what we’re used to.

So then, the Nimble application becomes another platform where you get to see all of your information a certain way. And this was fine with me. I use Nimble as a strategic marketing tool it’s where I outline my goals and big projects that require pulling people from outside my world into my world.

But this was still cumbersome, I would be on a web site and notice someone I should connect to, but who has time to cut, paste and do the research on this person? I might connect with them on LinkedIN, or Facebook, but it stops there and I forget to move the relationship forward.

Highlight, right click I can SEEEEEE YOUUUUUUU

I must not have been the only one because Jon Ferrara and his Nimble team have solved this problem by updating their Nimble Widgets and Extensions with an amazing function the ability to add any contact, from any app from any web site straight into your Nimble database. But that’s not the part that’s really exciting.

?Nimble It? Just a Little Bit

Sorry I couldn’t resist the need to reference a nasty song from 1990.

In my phone conversation and demo with Jon, he called it ?Nimble it?; the act of highlighting, right clicking and adding a contact to your Nimble database. But there’s more you can do, you can also tag, add an action, put them into a deal and see all of your connections with that person. In other words, there is NO WAY a contact is going to slip through your fingers this way.

Nimble Widget Screenshot

The bottom line is this — Nimble is the best tool for for entrepreneurs and small business owners who depend on leveraging social media relationships to build and grow their business