97% of businesses still use checks to pay their expenses. Why? Because many vendors don’t accept credit cards. Not only that, but bills like rent or other services are still due while demand has plummeted.

Even with government assistance such as PPP and EIDL loans, many local businesses simply didn’t get the funding they need because banks and other lenders fail to extend it during these unpredictable times.

Womply Bills solves these problems by allowing businesses to use their existing credit cards to pay any business, ensuring their payments are made on time while preserving their cash on hand for any unforeseen emergencies.

About Womply Bills

Any U.S. business can use Womply Bills to pay practically any expense – from rent to mortgage payments, and utilities to taxes. Once a business signs up for Womply Bills, they follow a simple 3-step process to pay any bill:

how Womply Bills works
  1. Make a payment: The business adds their credit card and identifies who they are paying, when the payment should be sent, and the amount of the payment.
  2. Womply charges the preferred card: A nominal 3% fee is added on top of the payment. Many business credit cards offer between 1.5% and 5% cash back, so the fee can be offset by the myriad advantages of credit card rewards. 
  3. Womply sends the payment to the selected recipient: The payment is tracked end-to-end, and is delivered in as little as 7 business days.

What Bills Can I Pay With Womply Bills?

You can pay all your bills using Womply Bills, but if you have vendors who currently don’t take credit cards and only take checks, you’ll be able to use Womply to pay those bills using your preferred credit card.

  • Accountants
  • Advertising
  • Contractors
  • Employers
  • Insurance
  • Lawyers
  • Rent
  • Suppliers
  • Taxes
  • Tax preparers
  • Utilities
  • Vendors

Benefits of Womply Bills

OK, so you may already be paying some bills with your credit card, why should you move to Womply Bills?

  • Earn reward points on your credit card: I don’t know about you, but my business expenses eclipse my personal expenses. Now, you can get the benefit of collecting reward points.
  • No hidden fees: Womply charges a flat 3% fee of the amount being sent to the recipient. For example, if you’re paying a recipient $1000, the service is $30 for a total of $1,030 charged to your credit card.
  • Payment tracking: There’s nothing more frustrating than sending a check and wondering what happened to it. Womply Bills gives you the ability to track your payments. Womply will notify you about the status of the delivery. The recipient of your funds will be responsible for crediting the payment to your account. Because of this, the actual crediting date of your payment may differ from the date that it arrives at its destination.

What is Womply

Womply is best known as a “reputation management” company. Founded in 2011, Womply built its brand on helping small businesses manage customer reviews across a variety of platforms.

manage customer reviews with Womply

Womply is a technology company that helps small businesses engage their customers. Think of Womply as a local commerce platform that provides apps, APIs, marketing, and financial tools to make local commerce happen for over 500,000 American businesses and their customers.

Womply is a local commerce platform that manages bills, reviews and payments

Womply powers the customer-facing part of the company—for more than 100,000 small businesses in all 50 states and across 400 industry categories. Our software makes it easy, and often automatic, for small businesses to boost their online reputations so more customers find them, engage their customers to encourage repeat business, and monitor the health of their businesses anytime and anywhere with data they can’t get anywhere else.

Measure Your Business Performance

Imagine being able to capture trends before they become a problem. Womply has a powerful business intelligence component that will help you track transactions, revenue and purchase price. Connect your accounts and you’ll be able to make decisions on the fly.

Compare Your Performance to Your Closest Competitor

Womply’s Leaderboard feature shows how the business stacks up against similar local businesses. Your business will also get alerts when a competitor makes a significant change like updating its hours of operation. The comparative revenue features also will let you know if a dip or spike in sales is specific to your business or part of a larger market trend.

How do they do this?

With more than 450,000 small businesses in their database, Womply can see trends across all of their customers as well as information they gather from partners. They scrub that data to protect privacy and then it’s shown to you as a comparison. You can read more here.

How Much Does Womply Cost?

Warm up to Womply with it’s FREE package! You’ll be able to get your feet wet and start slow with a few basic features for free. I really like this “Free forever” package because you can really take your time with each section. Not only that, but you’ll get to see exactly which upgrade is best for you when you see how often you CAN’T do something you want to do.

Womply free pricing table

When you’re ready to scale – just upgrade to one of the professional plans:

Womply pricing table

Is Womply Right For Your Business?

Womply is a terrific choice for local businesses such as restaurants, retailers and professional services. Any business that typically engages with customers face-to-face is a great candidate.

Another ideal candidate for Womply is any business that is getting the bulk of their business via referral or word of mouth. Womply’s strength is in helping you engage with and respond to local customers. And the latest introduction of Womply Bills makes it even more attractive to any business owner who wants to work from a single platform to manage their business.