Why Do YOU Need an Alternative to PowerPoint?

You need an alternative to PowerPoint because the way you’re currently doing presentations does a gross disservice to your company, your brand and how you come across to other people – namely your customers or prospects.

PowerPoint is the lazy person’s presentation tool. It’s presentation outlines and backgrounds go out of their way to make it easy for you to speak from YOUR perspective and YOUR world and NOT the world of your audience. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way – ultimately you control what goes on the slide – but when you only have a few hours to create a presentation, it just seems silly not to use what PowerPoint has already laid out as a presentation template.

PowerPoint evolved from film strips,, slide projectors and overheads. PowerPoint takes an existing product and makes it more convenient. In other words, instead of writing with a quill, you’re writing with a ball point.

Prezi is a New PowerPoint Alternative

Now there’s a PowerPoint alternative — it’s called Prezi! Prezi “feels” like a story. It revolutionizes the prsentation experience both for you and your audience. It looks so professional, so thought out, so creative and so different, that you are guaranteed to stand out in the eye of your customer and your audience.

Here’s their official intro video:

6 Reasons Prezi is Better Than PowerPoint

  1. Prezi gives context. The problem with most PowerPoint presentations is that the audience has absolutely NO context of where the presenter is going. Prezi uses a canvas that allows you to create an overall timeline or relationship of ideas that gives you and your audience a structure and context of what’s being presented.
  2. No more unreadable slides. Because Prezi is so visual, you will NOT be able to clutter your slides with too much text. As the presenter, you will have to be know and understand the core message and purpose of your presentation in order to communicate it effectively.
  3. Your presentation will look more professional. Prezi’s technology makes even the creatively challenged presenter’s slides look amazingly high-end. The way Prezi zooms in and out and travels around the presentation creates really interesting graphic elements that are like nothing you’ve seen before.
  4. From mind map to presentation. This is one area where Prezi shines. You can literally think about your presentation and develop the presentation on one canvas. Start with a mind map, throw up related ideas and pictures – then connect them and voila – probably the best presentation your audience has seen.
  5. It’s FREE There is a free version of Prezi that will fulfill your basic needs in the beginning. If you want branded presentations or you’re going to use lots of space – then you can upgrade to a paid version that starts at about $80/year. But the free version should suit you fine.
  6. It’s in the cloud. Imagine being on site with a customer and then the conversation leads to a topic that you have a presentation on — you can simply log in and show your presentation no matter where you are. I love the ability to store presentations online — especially sales presentations.

Don’t take my word for it. Click over to Prezi and check it out for yourself and see how much your presentations improve.