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Marketing is all about playing with human emotions. No marketing strategy has ever succeeded without the effective usage of psychology.

Content marketing still remains the most crucial part of your digital marketing strategy and this post will explore ways through which you can amplify your content marketing by using LF8 as a powerful motivator.

What is LF8?

LF8 stands for “Life Force 8” meaning, there are 8 different forms of life forces and all human beings react to it. Content marketers can use life forces to write powerful content pieces that persuades the reader to take an action.

The LF8 life forces are:

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages.
  3. Freedom from fear, pain and danger.
  4. Sexual companionship.
  5. Comfortable living conditions.
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.
  7. Care and protection of loved ones.
  8. Social approval.

The above 8 functional desires are common to every human being and if you can correctly point to these desires in your writings then you hit the jackpot!

Now, the question is – how to use these life forces 8 in your content marketing strategy? This is explained in the next sections with proper examples.

Top Brands That Used “LF8” In Their Content Strategy

Now, let’s take a look at some of the world’s renowned brands and how they made use of LF8 in their content marketing strategy:

1- Cadbury, McDonalds and Coca Cola Targeted LF1 (Happiness)

India is a country of the festivals and Cadbury leveraged this fact by launching a new gifting range called “Cadbury Celebrations”. This new product contained variety of Cadbury chocolates in a single gift pack. The idea was to use “Enjoyment” as a powerful motivator in their selling strategy and they also tried to replace the old Indian tradition of gifting sweets to family, relatives and friends with Cadbury chocolates. Hence, Cadbury chocolates became a synonym to celebrations.

Here is the Cadbury Ad for Friendship day:

Cadbury Chocolates ad for Friendship Day

Source (Cadbury ad for Friendship day launched in India that read “This Friendship Day You Must Have a Cadbury!”)

Similarly, McDonald’s became a leader in the fast food industry by targeting people’s emotions with ad slogans like “Happiness starts here” which ultimately meant enjoyment. The ads portrayed McDonald’s as a fun place to go with your family and enjoy some quality time. Again, a great example of a brand using happiness a personal motivator to raise sales.

McDonalds Happiness Starts Here ad campaign


2- GoDaddy Targeted LF3 (Fear)

World’s largest domain name registration service, GoDaddy targets LF3 in its marketing strategy to get more customers on board. As for example, GoDaddy sends emails to customers arousing fear in them that they are going to lose something important. I received this email when one of my domains was about to expire:

GoDaddy Targets LF3 in marketing strategy ad

As soon as I received this email, my mind started persuading me to take immediate action to renew or I will lose something very important. Being a marketer, I knew I was being targeted by LF3 factor so I was able to control my emotions but not everyone can. LF3 strategy is mostly used by companies who are in the health and food industry. LF3 can give you super good results in the least possible time.

3- BMW Targeted LF4 (Sexual Companionship)

Brands like Axe deodorant uses LF#4 as a motivational factor for men and persuade them to buy their products. Here is an advertisement from Axe:

Axe Deodorant ad with men as motivational factor


All the unmarried men out there had surely gone crazy with such ads! They have been tricked by intelligent marketers to believe that they must buy their products. LF4 is a huge emotional factor that raises the level of testosterone in the male body and with such provoking ads, your testosterone levels will be flying high.

5- Apple and Innova Air Purifier Targeted LF5 (Comfortable Living Conditions)

Who doesn’t like to live comfortably? Living comfortably is one of the most basic human needs and brands like Apple and Innova Air Purifier pressed this need in their promotional campaigns. Have a look at the ad copy of Innova Air Purifier:

InnovaAir ad exemplifies comfortable living conditions


Simply by looking at the ad copy, you are taken into an imaginary world imagining yourself sitting in your room and breathing in fresh clean air to invoke your senses. This is the power of advertisement and the creativity of marketing.

Similarly, Apple also highlighted their ads with a genuine touch of LF5. Here is an ad copy from Apple:

Life gets easier when start using an iPhone


You want to make your life easier? Don’t you? So, get an Apple iPhone! With such master creativity and use of LF8 factors, you can surely transform yourself from a newbie to an expert marketer.

6- Bing and Quip Targeted LF6 (Being Superior or Intelligent)

Gold is perceived as a material that has powerful qualities. As humans, we all want to become powerful in our respective fields. Hence, Bing displayed gold as a representative image for their remarketing ads campaign. As Gold is a symbol of superiority so it instantly strikes the human emotions. Here is a copy of the ad that Bing ran for several days.

Google Remarketing, striking gold ad


Similarly, Quip, the collaborative productivity software shared the following sponsored articles on Facebook that portrayed Quip as a superior software that intelligent people used. Now, again, people want to become intelligent and avoid being referred to as dumb. Quip marketers were creative enough to understand this human emotion and used the LF6 factor in their marketing strategy.


7- State Farm Life Insurance Targeted LF7 (Care and Protection of Loved Ones)

Brands like State Farm Life Insurance shared the below brand promotion posts on Facebook that targeted LF7 as a motivational factor.

The post saw an immediate engagement with 534 people liking the post and 39 people commenting on it. The idea was simple, it evoked the human emotion to provide care and to the loved ones. Note the picture of a family all together under a cover enjoying their life. The picture depicted a human need – care and protection of loved ones. We all need it and State Farm marketers understood this psychological emotional factor and used it in their marketing strategy.

8- Accenture Targeted LF8 (Social Approval)

When a brand becomes socially acceptable then you can target people based on your own brand’s achievements. Hence LF8 is not for startups but for valuable brands.

Accenture is a leading management consulting business which used LF8 in its marketing strategy to cater the changing needs of it’s clients. Being a consulting business, it was necessary for Accenture to gain social reputation as a trustworthy brand and this was possible only through social approval. Hence, Accenture started creating ads that boasted the achievements of the brand. When people came to know more about such achievements, the brand trust was increased considerably and this ultimately lead towards an overall brand acceptance.


Effective Content Management and Content Marketing Tools

You can’t generate enough leads from your content marketing strategy unless you use powerful tools to effectively manage and market your content. I would recommend you to create and maintain a blog because a blog gives you a great chance to rank for a greater number of queries leading to a higher percentage of web traffic and ultimately more sales. You can choose any of the top blogging platforms to get started. Besides, you need to use a number of content marketing tools that can promote your content among a wide variety of audiences. Here are the top tools that have special features to aid your LF8 content marketing efforts:

1- Smarp (Use Your Employees For B2B Sales Pipeline Optimization)

Smarp is a leading content management tool for B2B sales pipeline optimization. It brings your employees together to facilitate content management and knowledge sharing. The platform helps to encourage social interactions and engagement through commenting on posts which have been shared internally.


With the help of the Smarp’s customizable gamification features you can make participation fun, engaging, and rewarding, these include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Points
  • Rewards & polls
  • SmarpScore – Professional influencer index

Moreover, Smarp offers the option to create a trackable link to any content, which can be directly shared anywhere.

2- BuzzSumo (Reveal Your Competitors Content Marketing Strategy)

You can use BuzzSumo to identify content pieces that are performing better in terms of user engagement and number of links.

The tool is extremely helpful in revealing your competitors content marketing strategy like which emotional factor is giving him the best results? You can identify the exact LF factor and then revamp your existing strategy accordingly.


3- SEMrush Content Toolkit (Audit Your Existing Content And Make It More Powerful)

This tool is probably new in the market and few people have used it. SEMrush content toolkit offers a full suite of tools to enhance your content strategy. With the help of this tool you can:

  • Run an instant audit of all the essential elements of your content like word count, headings, links etc. and also set optimization workflow for each URL.
  • The tool automatically generates a content template based on a detailed analysis of your top competitors.
  • You can use important keywords in your content from a list of semantically generated keyword suggestions.
  • Monitor the entire SEO effectiveness of your articles.
  • With the help of the marketing calendar, you can create tasks for your team and track their implementation.


4- Buffer (Your Social Media Management Dashboard)

Social media and content marketing goes hand in hand. You can’t be successful in content marketing if you don’t make effective usage of social media.

With the help of Buffer, you can schedule your posts and manage all your social channels using one intelligent dashboard.


Moreover, you can track the engagement and interactions on the posts you have shared that gives you a better idea of what’s working and what’s not.

Final Thoughts

The LF8 strategy is powerful because it targets human emotions. No human can deny LF8. Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do you feel the need to protect your family and loved ones from danger?
  • Can you suppress your desire to eat good?
  • Can you stop thinking about providing a healthy living environment for your family?

Every action that we take depends on any one of the LF#8 factors. If you can correctly target LF#8 factors in your content marketing strategy, you can surely be a winner.

Every marketer intelligently uses marketing psychology in their ad copies and content pieces. By including LF8 in your content marketing strategy, you can gain significant ROI from every single piece of your content. Try it and see the positive effects it can have in your content marketing campaigns.