Who are you?

What are you?

Where are you?

The answers to these questions can pave the way for you to find your calling or purpose. Once you find out who, what and where you are your purpose can lead you to prosperity.

Who am I? I learned early in life that I would be successful. It would not be easy but at the end of the day I would be standing on top. Who we are in the beginning is defined by who came before us. This can lead to a negative or positive beginning but does not have to decide our destiny.

Family is the essence of structure. Even though my parents divorced when I was small I still feel they did their best. My dad retired from the military, the school system and even was an alderman for twelve years. He never stops working in his passion today. Dad shows me everyday that once you reach 70 your life is just beginning.

Ma? as I call my mother is the epitome of strength that is mind boggling. My mother never gave up on me and always encourages me to dream. Her favorite saying is Work smarter and not harder. As I saw my mother battle cancer for four years I realized that even she had to call on a higher power. Ma? believed and prayed that the cancer would go away and it did. Now, into her seventies her future is even brighter.

What am I? I’m successful because I accepted the foundation that my parents placed before me. I offer you the same challenge that was given to me. Find out what your name means and see how it reflects your life at this time. My name Derrick means ruler of the people. Find out what you are what you are called to do?

I’m an Encouragement Speaker. I realize now why I encourage others. The family and friends I grew up with kept encouraging me. I’m not here to rule the people but to lead others to their destiny. There is no better feeling then speaking words of life into someone and seeing them change. Take the focus off you and focus on helping someone else.

Where am I? I’m in a great place in life. If you are not happy with where you are start making the proper adjustments. Find wise counsel from your past and present so that your future will be even brighter. I enjoy writing and each week I write to inspire others to make a difference. I enjoy speaking and the opportunities are available for me to speak to colleges, corporations and organizations. In 5 years I would like to be a millionaire with a best selling book that has helped thousands of people out of debt and into prosperity.

Stand in the mirror and have a Conversation with Encouragement? and ask yourself who, what, and where you are in life? Use the information that you receive and find your purpose. Take your purpose to the next level by not only succeeding but showing others how to as well.