SEOThere’s not a huge difference between a website that makes money for its company and one that doesn’t.

Seriously, it comes down to understanding a few simple but proven principles that when followed and implemented, will make it easier for your audience to find you and want to connect with you.

And most importantly whether or not they will hire you or buy from you.

I want to introduce you to the person who taught me this, Matthew Goldfarb of Corporate Renegade.

Matthew will be sharing his principles for effective website copy writing with me on Wednesday, November 6 at 12:15pm EST during our webinar What the $&#! do I put on my website?

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Matthew teaches his clients that it doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful site that took $20,000 to make, or a beginner site that was made for free. If you don’t follow these principles, you make it exponentially harder to create a website that will make you money.

Matthew is a close friend and colleague of mine, he has been one of my go to copywriting and messaging experts for years.

The purpose of the call?

To layout the fundamental content every website that sells needs, and how you can easily create that content without hiring an expensive copywriter.

Matthew’s been writing copy for over 12 years and knows the secrets to creating content that not only gets attention, but also inspires clients to hire you.

Our webinar, What the $&#! do I put on my website? is taking place on Wednesday, November 6 at 12:15pm EST.

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Here’s what he?ll be covering:

  • Why most websites fail to convert
  • The 3 principals that every profitable website must accomplish
  • How you can capture more leads
  • Why speaking your customer’s language is essential to sales

In 60 minutes he?ll be sharing some amazing Renegade content and answering your questions.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone without a website
  • Anyone with a website that’s not converting, not inspiring, or just not doing much of anything.
  • Anyone who is tired of their website not doing what you want it to.

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