Having a quality online representation has become a key to the success of businesses. One of the first things I do when researching new companies and businesses is check out the website. I see a lot of sites – both memorable and not so much so. One thing I’ve learned is that in the jungle of rivals you need to be exceptionally careful when handling your webpage. For example, there is nothing worse than keeping a site outdated on the Internet.

Technology is constantly evolving, as a result, websites are becoming more and more interactive and less and less static. Thus users are looking for new web solutions ensuring better flexibility enabling them to retaining control over their site at all times.

Website builders have been around for a long time now. But only lately has the quality increased, following technology releases, to today become the most cost effective solution to creating a website. One innovative website builder I found is Puzl, which allows everyone to effortlessly create a high quality and fully customizable website.

What is Puzl?
Puzl features an intuitive drag and drop interface makes the building process easy and fun;? giving you the opportunity to drag any content to your pages, then simply drop it to the required position with aclick of the mouse.With this interface, you can easily structure your web pages freely, and add, move, and resize all page elements, to create a truly unique web space.

Who is the platform designed for?
Puzl is a free business website builder specifically targeting small and medium businesses, self-employed and entrepreneurs.Puzl?s conception is also designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants an extra source of revenue and has a skill to propose or sell (e.g. freelancing, writing, translation, lessons, e-commerce, etc.).

How much does it cost?
You can build your website with Puzl’s platform at no cost. This is especially helpful to small business that have not yet secured solid financial resources to create their own professional showcase.In addition, there is no trial period and it stays free forever. Add as many pages, photos, products as you wish.

How do you get started?
Simply go to Puzl.com, register on the platform and then follow the indications.

You will see that the website builder of Puzl requires that you first fill in specific business information. By indicating those early on, we are able to classify your site, pin point your location on a map, auto-generate contact form, all aiming at helping search engines better understand the purpose of your business.

An in-editor help explains all the tools as you progress. Pick up a favorite website template, write your text then publish your site or continue improving the structure, adding pages, changing photos, etc. You retain full control over your site. You may publish it whenever you are ready and may always go back to improve it once it is live.

Different domain solutions are available. Puzl?s members? websites are all hosted within the Puzl.com domain as this is the best way to benefit from the SEO added value of the business network. You will therefore have to start by creating a website on your-business name.puzl.com.However if you do not want to have a web address including Puzl, a redirection possibility is available in which you can keep or purchase a domain (.com, .co.uk, .es) and have it redirecting visitors to your Puzl website..

Puzl allows you to personalize your website by picking the most desirable design and color schemes. All themes have a different structure, design effects (shadows, frames, color gradients) assisting the members of the platform in picking the best design combination to create a lively and attractive web space. Different arrangements, adapted to specific professional activities, are proposed to enable members start with an already created design base.

Ready to become a Puzlist now? Head over to Puzl today to get started. With website builders like Puzl, there is no reason your website should be outdated or non-existant.