Do you use email marketing and email blasts to keep in touch with your current customers and prospects? (You should be!) Did you know that you can gain valuable marketing insights into your customers? behaviors from them at the same time as you are marketing to them?

If you are sending more than 300 emails (using an email service like Constant Contact) then you have the opportunity to use your emails as simple A/B tests tests that can really help you refine your marketing message. Here is the easiest way to run a marketing test within your email campaign:

  1. Randomly split the email list into two homogenous groups same number of recipients, with no difference between the groups (i.e. one group can’t be paying customers and the other leads; they all have to be at a similar point in your marketing funnel).
  2. Craft exactly the same email, with the same content and links/call to actions.
  3. Vary the subject between the emails. I’ve had luck swapping a benefit with a promise of a discount it really increased the open rate on the email!
  4. Send the emails at the same time
  5. Track the open rates and click through rates!

Any significant difference in rates could be a valuable marketing data point. But do not make the mistake of drawing conclusions between small differences they are likely to not be statistically significant.

About the Author: Healy Jones is the head of marketing for OfficeDrop, an online digital filing system and document scanning service that helps small businesses go paperless and manage their digital files.