“Snap out of it!” This is what Cher says as she slaps Nicholas Cage right after he tells her he loves her in Moonstruck. It’s one of my favorite lines of all time. It’s the reality check they both needed. Without that 1-2 slap, they would have wallowed in self-pity. But instead, they move on doing what they have to do to find true love. Ahhh Hollywood Romance!

If you’re a DIY Marketer and you’re still stinging with that “What the F___” feeling of having your strategy slapped, perhaps it’s time for you to pull out all the stops, get off your ass and give it the old 1-2 punch. For that, I’m recommending Guy Kawasaki’s new book “Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition” and Mike Michalowicz’s new book ” The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

reality-check-guyHow to Put “The Art of Schmoozing” Chapter to Use TODAY

In the book, Guy gives a short and sweet list of what to do – I’m going to expand with a how-to do it.

  1. Understand the goal : “Discover what you can do for someone else.” Start every conversation focused on what the other person needs and why that’s so important to them. Tailor your offerings in those terms. Have your first question to them be something like “What are you working on right now?” or “Is there something or someone you’ve been trying to get, but have been unsuccessful?”
  2. Get out. You can’t schmooze from an office – meet people. Harness the 1-2 punch of meeting real-life people and re-connecting with them using LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or vice versa. If you’ve connected with someone using social media – reach out to them first with an e-mail, then phone. Respond to questions on LinkedIn, participate in your groups, help when and where you can.
  3. Ask good questions then shut up. Ask and answer at least one question a week on LinkedIn. Stop lurking in all your online groups and start a meaty discussion. Build a conversation and see where it takes you. In real-live conversations, ask and listen. A group I interact with calls it “Golden Listening” – listen for the Gold.
  4. Unveil Your Passions: Lead with your passion not just your business. Find a way to combine a hobby with your business. If you love photography, use your pictures in a creative way in your marketing materials. HP Creative has wonderful templates you can start on NOW.
  5. Read voraciously. You need a broad base of knowledge and the ability to access information. You’ve already started this one, by picking up these two books. Now, pick out just one thing (like I did here) and start implementing.
  6. Follow-up. Great schmoozers follow-up within 24 hours. Most people don’t follow-up at all. Get creative with your follow-ups. Try a handwritten note. Send a song – I created a Valentine’s Day playlist from my iPod for my clients to use with their sweeties. Traveling? Send post cards. Make your follow-ups memorable.
  7. Make it easy to get in touch. … don’t provide your contact info in gray 6-point type “This is great if you’re schmoozing teenagers, but if you want old rich, famous, and powerful people to call or e-mail, you’d better use a big font so they can read your business card.”? OK – there is not much more I can add to this. Have more than one kind of business card. If you work for a company, use your corporate card. Click over to Moo and let some of your creative side shine through. They now offer full-sized business cards where you can use photos or text to differentiate yourself – all at a low price.
  8. Give favors. We’re right back to being other centered. You have to give to get. But giving to give is an amazingly empowering feeling.
  9. Ask for return of favors. Don’t be afraid to ask. I asked Guy Kawasaki for a testimonial. He said no. I asked him for a re-tweet, he said no. I offered to write YET ANOTHER review/application of Reality Check worthy of a retweet – he said ok. The only thing holding you back is your fear. You can’t afford that.

Get Down to Business with Your Own 3-Sheet Strategy

tpe-book-toilet1 I know a lot of you DIY Marketers have already done the tele-seminar that Mike Michalowicz and I did a couple weeks ago. If you hadn’t, then you’re in luck because you can still download it here. Just glance over to the right and get your on-demand session now.

The most powerful set of chapters in this book has to do with the powerfully simple, down and dirty 3-Sheet Strategy that Mike outlines. The 3 Sheets are: The Prosperity Plan (your vision, mission, mantra) the “Tacking Strategy” – Your 90 day goals and actions, and the Daily Metrics, your very own leading indicator of success.

Get started on this TODAY – so that you can re-define and re-set that marketing strategy that isn’t working. These sheets will get you focused on the current state of affairs and how you’re creatively going to succeed without spending very much money.

I’ve taken the time to pull a worksheet together that will get you through the process. Mike has his current, real-life worksheets available as examples you can use as templates.

What do Guy Kawasaki and Mike Michalowicz Have That You Don’t?

Mike and Guy DO. They don’t just talk, they turn their words into actions. They ACT on ideas quickly. They look for ways to bring their opportunities to life. They come up with solutions and not excuses. They even have a life and a family. They have fun making money. Do you?

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