Though it may seem a bit backward at first glance, giving away free samples can actually be a great way to build your business. Whether you have an established customer base or are looking to attract your first few customers, this tactic has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy for businesses in a variety of industries. Why are free samples so effective? The answer is simple: people love free stuff. Consumers enjoy the prospect of receiving items at no cost and no risk, and this positive experience increases the likelihood that they will continue to engage with the brand in the future. Our guide explores several other reasons to use free samples in your marketing strategy and answers some common inquiries to get you started on the right foot.

Increased sales

The most compelling reason to use free samples in your marketing strategy is the effect they have on sales. Offering free samples is a great way to increase overall sales for your business. Customers appreciate the opportunity to experiment with products prior to purchase. It makes them feel more confident that the eventual purchase will be worthwhile and allows them to instill more trust in the brand overall. The more trust they have in a brand, the more likely they will continue to purchase their products in the future.

Improved customer engagement

Building a strong relationship with your customer base is crucial and plays an instrumental part in establishing a loyal audience. Customer engagement plays a large role here. Customers like to feel that their opinions matter, and offering free samples can be a great way to open up the floor to this feedback. Providing customers with free samples of exclusive products enables your company to conduct market research before the debut of a new product. When customers feel that their opinions regarding a product have been taken into consideration, they will be more likely to purchase the final version of said product.

Enhance exposure

Free samples can also be a great way to increase the visibility of your products. Providing free samples to important influencers makes it easier for news of your products and brand to travel along the grapevine. The more people who share their experiences with their free samples, the more exposure your products and brand will receive on the whole.

Important questions to get you started

What type of products should you offer as free samples?

The possibilities for what type of products can be used as free samples are virtually endless. Smaller items are generally preferred for samples, as they provide the customer the full experience while also leaving them wanting more. Mini toiletries, small tasting samples, or a condensed version of a larger product line are all great options for free samples.

In what instances should you give away free samples?

Free samples can be beneficial in a variety of marketing scenarios. They are effective when launching a new product line or company but can also be an excellent way to drum up interest in existing fan-favorites. Free samples effectively create a buzz around your business’s grand opening event. They can be given away in swag bags or gifted as part of a raffle or giveaway.

Which industries can benefit from free samples?

All industries and all businesses can benefit from giving away free samples, no matter how small or how well known the business is. Retail and food service businesses, in particular, can reap the benefits of offering free samples. These types of businesses rely on customers buying tangible products. Free samples are therefore a terrific enticement to get customers interested in your wares before they buy the full-size items.