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I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a complete gadget and technology geek. Where some girls love buying jewelry, I love trying new tools and apps just to see if they help me run my business, my life and my marketing operation any better. I also LOVE playing the “value game” of finding a tool that helps me to eliminate or consolidate several applications into one. An easy example is my content calendars, project management tools and task lists. I’ve tried a bunch of different tools and have come to realize that my favorite choice is also the least expensive — Gmail! I spend 80% of my day inside my Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Apps. And now — if you’re a Google Geek like me — you’re going to LOVE this cool tool I’ve just discovered.

RingCentral Makes You More Productive in Gmail

If you’re like most people, you will check your email several times during the day. If something comes in that needs immediate action, you’ll have to leave email to text or call an individual to schedule an event and notify everyone. Then, the final step would be to meet these people either offline at the place where you reserved and finally start your project. What if you could simplify this process by doing everything within email? If you have the RingCentral app installed on your desktop or mobile device, you literally can have a virtual office on your Gmail screen.

Why Within Gmail?

Google Gmail has millions of users and many of companies rely on Gmail for their inter-office communications, too. If people are already connected within Gmail, it makes it easier to provide more features to this network by working within Gmail. However, Google already provides a rich variety of resources within Google for Work, which is where you’ll find Gmail and Google docs. Thus, by tying into Gmail within Google for Work, you can leverage additional functionality with RingCentral to even more within Gmail, like expanding voice, text, meeting capabilities.

Why Gmail is Perfect for Internet Marketing

As an online marketer, you do most of your business online, starting with your list of marketing leads stored usually in an email system, like Gmail. The contact list is the basic ingredient to a successful marketing campaign, but it can only do so much on its own. You can communicate with people, but email can be a very impersonal way to reach out. What if you could reach out with voice or visual connections instead? That can literally make your business contact that much more personal and memorable and you won?t have to do it by leaving Gmail to go to your social networking campaigns or smartphone, which would force you to look up these people in a new application. Instead, you create a seamless transition between your contact list and the other Internet marketing activities that drive your business goals, keeping down expenses by reducing the time to perform such basic marketing functions.

7 Cool ThingsYou Can Do with RingCentral

Do business wherever you happen to be with a virtual office made possible with RingCentral. It can help you get the work done in record time and with more than one brain at a time. It can offer the following features that will facilitate all your online communications to create the perfect co-working opportunity for your employees or to help you reach out to that business prospect and close the deal:

  1. Cloud Communications Solutions – Since the app works with Google Gmail, it is a cloud-based system that will store documents and emails on the cloud. You don’t have to store that data offline and it frees up your memory resources for more important and sensitive data. The cloud offers companies flexibility when it comes to figuring out how to manage communication resources when workers are not on-site, using an internal email system.
  2. Make Calls With a Click – The app lets you quickly find your Gmail contact’s phone number and call it with a click of your mouse. You don’t have to get out your smartphone and search your contacts there and you certainly don’t have to remember the number from memory. It seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account.
  3. Set Up Alternate Phone Numbers – Google Voice will let you set up alternate phone numbers so that you can keep your private number a secret and have customers call a number of your choice. It can also let you convert voice to text so that it makes it easy?to screen your calls.
  4. Track Call History – You’ll be able to have a written history of your calls and won?t have to sort through audio recordings to find them.
  5. Send or Receive SMS Text Messages from within Gmail – You can text people from within Gmail using the RIngCentral app, making it easy to get a quick response to your immediate questions. Or, if someone has a sales inquiry, they can get a hold of someone live to finalize a sale.
  6. Schedule Events with Calendar – Once you contact people and set up an event, you can have it show up in Google calendar making it easier to set up reminders and notify people of changes. It’s all there within Gmail with RingCentral. By integrating a calendar to your text and email messages, you can keep track of events far more easily..
  7. Host Audio or Video Meetings – Want to get a group together online so that you can have a meeting even when they’re not all in the same place. By tying into Google Hangouts you can do that, but with RingCentral you can expand that capability to make it a hub for almost 1,000 participants. Hold seminars, sales meetings, and or organize a team meeting for employees to brainstorm ideas. It’s easy to do from within Gmail using RingCentral.

By setting up RingCentral, you can greatly expand Google for Work’s functionality while simplifying your own efforts whether you are getting in touch with one person or hundreds of people. Video is by far the most popular medium to connect with people online, and with Google Hangouts and RingCentral you can start hosting online events, tracking them in your calendar, sending out invites, and tracking responses immediately. You don’t need several different software packages to get your communications need done. RingCentral does it all in one place: Gmail. Since it’s all done from within Gmail, there the learning curve is not as steep as having to manage the same information in multiple packages. You don’t have to be a software programmer to get started using RingCentral for Gmail. If you can download an app, you can install RingCentral to widen your marketing capabilities quickly and efficiently.