The sales world is a tough place to be in; it requires a lot of mental strength to deal with customers that despise your presence or deal with the stress of hitting required targets. However at times you just can’t help but lose faith in your sales strategy or process and then the self-doubt kicks in. There is a very easy way to cure this, just think of the honey badger who literally does not take no for an answer. These tips will help you become a stronger person and it will help you push through the toughest of days.

We will abbreviate the Honey Badger Mentality to HBM, repeat this when you’re having an awful day and need a little pick me up. These are the steps to take to become incredible at sales:

  • Hunts like a maniac ? Cherry picking your data is vital as you waste little time with the clients that are not decided. Make sure you don’t get into the mindset that your picked data is an ultimate list of upcoming sales, chances are they may not be interested so remain in the process of scouring through as many clients as you can and getting those calls done. Consider the number of calls you make would be like the way a Honey badger looks for its next meal, there lots of places to look but only few will bring results.
  • Resilience ? The HBM should give you the edge over your team and clients, it allows you to be knocked down several times and put under pressure but still remain composed and deliver excellent results. The Honey Badger can get bitten by one of the world?s most deadliest snakes, pass out then come back to life and get on its way, so next time you’re cold calling and there’s continuously bad results think about the positive?s and what you will achieve out of the one yes that you get.
  • Hard skinned This maybe a trait that can be considered bad to have all the time, but when dealing with a decision maker or a gatekeeper a relentless process of scrutiny towards your product shouldn?t put you off. Knowing that regardless of the criticism, you will get an account at the end of it will power you through the pain that you experience with hard questioning.
  • Keep on digging ? Think you have no more leads to chase, no more numbers to cold call? The HBM thinks otherwise, just dig until you really have no more contact numbers. Scouring documents, websites, directories, old clients, new clients and whatever else you can begins to compile a huge set of contact numbers and even leads. It’s the itch to keep going that needs to drive the analysis of possible markets and companies, by continuously searching you will no doubt come across potential customers.

The honey badger isn’t some sort of super animal, it just has thick skin and the accomplishment?s it achieves are incredible. So by digging deeper and having a never say never attitude you can overcome the worst of cold calls and the slowest of months with a strong mind!

Besides the sales world is a tough place in itself, you have no choice but to unleash the inner animal.

About the Author:?John Perrin isahighly motivated sales trainer who specialises in helping B2B Sales Professionals take their performance from good to great. I convey proven, exceptionally effective selling methods that cut to the quick and consistently yield superb results. I’ve worked with businesses throughout the world to successfully overcome the various challenges that they face in their market place.