Trade Show season is stressful enough without worrying about your trade show display showing up on time and in one piece. Kristin Jones-Damalas from Skyline shares some tricks of the trade.

Properly setting up and tearing down a trade show exhibit is just one facet of the trade show experience, and it’s one that relies on a host of other factors, including how and when you choose to ship your materials to the trade show or convention location. In most cases, you can either ship direct to the trade show floor on the day of your arrival, or you can ship days or even weeks in advance to a designated advance warehouse. Understanding how each of these shipping solutions works is vital to a smooth trade show event.

Advance Warehousing Is Offered For A Reason

Convention or trade show sponsors don’t have to offer advance warehousing, but most of them do. Why? Because they’ve learned over the years that designating a specific warehouse area for delivery and storage of all booth displays and exhibits minimizes confusion and ensures that everyone exhibiting can quickly and easily get their materials onto the floor and set up without incident.

Although some people prefer to ship direct to the floor, this isn’t usually the best solution. For one thing, you could run into problems if your shipment is one of fifty others arriving the same day. Imagine having to wait around at your designated booth location for hours because there are a dozen other delivery trucks ahead of the one holding your supplies. You could wait a long time and still discover that your shipment isn’t complete, putting you in a tight spot that’s not easy to get around.

Be Kind To Your I & D Team

The I & D (Installation & Dismantle) teams waiting to help you assemble your trade show booth are in high demand on that first set-up day. You don’t want to be the troublesome customer who has them sitting around waiting for hours because you “know the delivery will be here any time!” If you use advance warehousing, all of the materials you shipped ahead of time will be waiting at your booth location, ready to be assembled as soon as you and the I&D team arrives.

You’ll also be able to quickly check to see if all your components are present and in good working order. If by some chance part of your display is missing, you’ll have more time to get the situation resolved than if your items are arriving late in the day. You’ll have more time to resolve any minor glitches when you have advance warehousing.

Save Some Money With Advance Warehouse Shipments

We all have to stick to a budget when we’re putting together trade show exhibits or convention displays. If you ship your booth materials to an advance warehouse, you can save a significant amount of money. Shipping direct to the exhibit floor can cost three times as much as ground shipping because you’ll need to ship at the last minute for proper arrival. On the other hand, using ground UPS or another inexpensive shipping method can add valuable cash in your pocket that can be used more constructively elsewhere.

With so many positives to shipping your tradeshow materials to the advance warehouse, it’s a wonder anyone still chooses to spend the extra money and take a chance with delivery directly to the exhibition floor.