chamberAs a small business owner, there is no doubt you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You’ve probably worked diligently to build a powerful website and develop a strong marketing strategy. Most businesses rely on email marketing to reach their customers and share special offers and deals, but only 15 percent of small business emails are opened. But what if your emails are met with yawns and rapid-fire deletion? To help you attain must-read status, use these six tips:

Pick Punchy Subject Lines.

You have one chance to capture your reader’s attention, and a catchy subject line is the winning hook. Avoid hard sells or essay-like messages and lean on brief and active pieces that will intrigue your readers to open your email and keep their attention.

Write No-Nonsense Copy.

So they opened your email, now what? Write newsy copy that’s concise and shares ideas or solutions. Make it a point to answer all questions your reader may have: who, what, when, where and why. Your email body needs to address your target audience sharing relevant information is the key.

Make it Readable.

Yes, it’s obvious, but it’s something that’s often forgotten. Keep your head in the small business game! If you want your emails read, make sure it can be read on a Smartphone. If your email is hard to read on today’s phones, you’re losing potential leads with each email campaign. You can also boost email readability with the use of bullet points and topic headings to make your points clear to the reader.

Add Personal Touches.

Include personal touches in every email you send, almost as though you’re writing a good friend. A normal text style font and informal language will make your email appear more personalized, especially when you write business copy in your natural voice. Remember not to concentrate too much on the act of email marketing and simply view your email as a way to talk to your customers.

Don’t Mislead Readers.

Don’t bait your reader with a subject line that’s irrelevant to the content of your email. It?ll build you a bad reputation and make people less trusting of your business and make them ignore future emails from you.

Deliver Value and Quickly!

When email was a new phenomenon, we were all so excited to receive it. Now that it’s an integral part of ours lives, emails can be viewed as an interruption. If you want your emails to be well received, deliver the reader value and do so quickly. Share things such as important updates about your business and its products or services, a kind thought, useful news or step-by-step instructions to fulfill your call to action.

Email is invaluable when it comes to effective communication with your customers. Make sure your emails are worth opening in the eyes of the recipient.

What practices do you use to make sure your emails are read?