By Emily Green

Twitter is a popular social media site that’s captured the interest of millions. Twitter hosts more than 465 million accounts, with approximately 175 million tweets collectively posted every day. It’s certainly a marketing tool that deserves your attention. To really keep up with Twitter, you need a dedicated app that will give you smart features and great functionality. Here are the top ten of 2012.

TweetList Pro

The most notable feature of TweetList Pro is right in the name. This iPhone app offers a simplified way to scroll through lists. The lists feature is a powerful organizational tool for sorting profiles into groups. With TweetList Pro, moving from one list to the next is as simple as sliding to the right or left. This method of list management is much simpler than what similar apps offer.


Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook is a full-featured Twitter app that allows users to manage multiple accounts, upload photos to their Twitter stream, and instantly shorten URLs. You can translate your tweets, easily view complete profiles, and keep track of your Twitter lists within this app.


Flipboard, available for Android and iPhone, is marketed as a “social magazine.” Links embedded in tweets are displayed with pictures and snippets, making it easy to get a feel for the story and even go on to read the entire piece. Flipboard also integrates Facebook, YouTube, GoogleReader, and more into this magazine-like format.


Rowi is designed for Windows Phone 7 users. With this Twitter app, you can mark all tweets as read as you scroll, view photo previews and retweets right in the timeline, and save tweets for later viewing. Image uploading from common services including TwitPic and YFrog is supported. Columns for retweets, favorites, and more make it easy to navigate the various features of Twitter from the app.


Hootsuite is a powerful platform for managing a variety of social network accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, WordPress, and many more. The real powerhouse of features exists on the web-based version of this program, but mobile apps are available for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Keitai that allow you to manage your updates, schedule future messages, and track the success of your social media marketing campaigns. This app is ideal for users with a professional Twitter account rather than a personal one.


This iPhone app is a powerful tool for social media marketing. It can be used with multiple Twitter and Facebook profiles for posting and tracking updates. What makes SocialDash stand out from similar apps is the Klout score, PeerIndex score, and retweet ranking. These numbers give you a fast and accurate picture of how popular and effective your social media sites are.


TweetBot for iPhone provides users with a highly customized Twitter app. The buttons on the bottom of the app can be changed to best suit your browsing preferences. The triple tap function can be customized to instantly fave, retweet, or reply. Swiping on a tweet makes it easy to scroll through an entire conversation. TweetBot gives users all the functionality of Twitter with little extras that take the experience above and beyond.


Plume is a customizable Twitter client for Android that allows you to change the color scheme for an attractive interface that suits your style. Inline viewing for conversations makes it easy to follow a long string of tweets. Tweeting is easy with autocomplete for user names and hashtags and support for shortening links. You can also use TwitPic, YFrog, and more to post pictures via this Twitter app.


TweetCaster streamlines Twitter viewing on the Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and iPhone. The “Zip It” feature allows users to hide tweets without unfollowing the user. Instapaper makes it easy to save links for later reading. Photo enhancements and scheduled updates make it easier to customize your own tweets, while color coding keeps it all neat and easy to view.


This iPhone app allows you to get all your social media updates in one place. In addition to popular social media programs like Facebook, FourSquare and Twitter, you can also sync Boxcar with dozens of other options such as Wowtrack, Growl, SickBeard, and Hub. With all your notifications in one place, it’s easy to keep up with a variety of social media resources.

If you’re anxious to take advantage of these great apps but don’t have a smartphone yet, you can find prepaid phones online that are affordable and packed with features. You can find a Twitter app that will keep you in touch and marketing effectively on any smartphone.