Have you noticed that SnapChat is becoming really popular as a social media channel for small business? I’ve pulled together a few recent articles from around the web to warm you up to using SnapChat for your business.

Snapchat Gains Momentum

In this article you’ll discover recent insights on Snapchat and how marketers can use the platform to reach targeted audiences with ads and other content.

Discover the latest insights on Snapchat and ways marketers can use it to reach their target audience.

Key Takeaway: Snapchat?s 7 billion daily video views figure is important because mobile video is rapidly gaining favor with advertisers. According to eMarketer, companies spent $7.46 billion on digital video ads in the U.S. in 2015, an increase of 42% from the year before. eMarketer also relates that in the United States, mobile video ad spend is growing faster than all other digital advertising tactics.

Snapchat and Your Business: How to Capitalize on This Unlikely Social Network

Snapchat is surprisingly viable as a sales productivity tool. According to one storeowner, the app has greatly facilitated communication between coworkers for the purposes of stocking and replenishment a major component of managing a retail business.

Using the Snapchat app on an iPad, the store manager can take pictures of items that need to be replenished. Then, using the caption feature, he or she can mark each image with more specific information for with regard to which colors and sizes need to be replenished, such as ?Need 4 black XL? or ?Need 5 blue M.

Is Snapchat On The Verge Of Its Facebook Moment?

Snapchat, the mobile video, photo and chat app beloved by millennials, is having what some are calling its Facebook moment? by attracting broad attention from mainstream audiences and media as its user base tops 100 million.

Here’s How Snapchat Became Such a Hot Platform for Digital Marketers in So Little Time

“I think Snapchat has just begun to scratch the surface of what they could do as a vehicle for brand content,” said Noah Mallin, head of social, MEC North America. “My sense is its growth will continue and even accelerate [throughout] 2016. What happens beyond that is tied to their ability to do what Facebook has done so well keep innovating new ways for users and advertisers to find value from the platform.”

Snapchat, with its 100 million daily users, is expected to have its IPO in 2016, just four years after launching its ephemeral app. So it has taken CEO Evan Spiegel half the time to get to the same chronological spot where Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg stood in 2012 when he took his site public during its eighth year.

“Snapchat’s major advantage is that it’s entirely rooted in the user behavior and values of a digitally native demographic, not in those of a demo who started using social media in college,” noted Topher Burns, group director, distribution strategy at Deep Focus. “It understands how they want to share and consume content, what they’re comfortable divulging, and how to appeal to their interests.”


Snapchat for Marketing: Who Really Uses It? [Infographic]

Ever since Snapchat blasted its way into the social media world in 2011, marketers have debated whether this app is a passing craze or the next big thing.

In many ways, Snapchat has similar photo-sharing and video-messaging capabilities as Instagram. What makes the app unique is that Snapchat users can control who receives their messages (called Snaps?) and for how long. (The range is 1-10 seconds.) Even more intriguing, once the chosen recipient has seen a Snap(s), and the time limit is up, then poof, it disappears!

4 Snapchat Marketing Major Keys to Success from DJ Khaled

Remember DJ Khaled? Neither do most people, unless you were in high school or college during the years when he was featured yelling We the best!? in a few fringe Top-40 hits.

Now, he’s a household name thanks to some creative Snapchat marketing tactics. The social media platform is perennially misunderstood by businesses and everyone over thirty years old, but it also has grown in user base and reputation so rapidly that it has overtaken Facebook in esteem among American teens and tied the social network in terms of daily video views at four billion (yep billion).

How did DJ Khaled become so Snap-relevant so quickly? It’s actually pretty simple. Once he decided that Snapchat was a platform he was interested in, he went all-in. All social media platforms are endlessly-updating streams that require frequent use for best results. But none quite rival Snapchat and its 24-hour time limit on everything, whether you’re a celebrity, a brand, or your younger cousin who has ten times as many friends on Snapchat as you do.

Snapchat marketing isn’t for every brand, but the principals required for a successful Snap campaign translate well to any social media branding exercise. The closer an enterprise can come to social media?s intended personal use case, the more perceived authenticity the brand offers to its followers. Kozera also noted, Snapchat?s disappearing nature makes the content feel all the more exclusive and special to the viewer. In the process, it’s also a great way for brands to build their own audiences on social.



Snapchat Makes Adding People Way Easier With Profile URLs

Snapchat is ready to colonize the web with profile URLs that deeplink into its app and let you instantly follow someone. That makes it simple to add friends and celebrities so you fill your feed with content that keeps you coming back.

By swiping down from the Snapchat camera to the profile screen, hitting Add Friends?, and then selecting Share Username?, you can copy your unique URL or instantly share it through other apps like Twitter. When tapped on mobile, it opens a preview of your profile on Snapchat with an Add? button.

Snapchat already offered tons of innovative ways to follow people, just not the easiest way. You could screenshot or focus your Snapchat camera on someone’s QR Snapcode. You and someone else could both open Add Nearby and you’d appear to each other. And there were the traditional methods of typing in a username or adding someone from your contacts. But all of those still took a fair amount of work, and were too complicated for Snapchat rookies. Following people is often what people tell me is the hardest, most annoying part of Snapchat. The app has now Popular Page or Suggested Accounts. It’s even led to a proliferation of sites like Snapchatters and apps like Slinger that suggest people to follow. It all begs the question of whether Snapchat will add some kind of list of verified accounts or people to follow.