When Facebook launched Pages in 2008, you studiously created a Facebook Fan Page for your business, like many merchants around the world with growing business, and then the Likes started to roll in.The first 10 from family members, the next 100 from loyal customers, and if you are lucky, the next 1000 from friends of your loyal customers.But now that you have these Fans, what’s next? You are a business owner right? Whether you have 500 or 5 million Fans, your goal at the end of the day is increase your revenues and there is no greater opportunity to do so than using your Facebook Fans.Social Commerce
Social Commerce is the way to sell your products online by leveraging the social technologies that are available to provide a more interactive shopping experience and Social Commerce is the next wave of commerce.

Today, Americans spend 23% of their online time on social networks and this is only expected to grow as more adults adopt social networks. Social networks have proved that people are influenced by their friends actions and this translates to shopping as well and have the influence of friends only enhances the online shopping experience.

Businesses that have realized this and that have entered the Social Commerce sphere early are now reaping the benefits. Victoria Secret for example is the number one Facebook Fan Page in the Clothing section of Facebook and they’ve reported that 50% of their sales have come from their Fan Page at times.

What’s great about Facebook is that it’s a very familiar product. You don’t need a huge budget to leverage it and you can get started with it today – and you should. Now with Social Commerce, you do not need all of the infrastructure to create an expensive e-commerce page and manage it. You can create an f-commerce platform today just by posting photos of your products to Facebook and creating a way for your Fans to purchase the item with a checkout process.

What can you do?
Today, millions of photos of new items are posted by merchants on a weekly basis for their Fans to interact with. The local boutique down the street shares photos of their new dresses. Victoria Secret shares photos of new lingerie collections. Your favorite brand shares photos of models, modeling their brand. Merchants need to wake up and realize that they are missing a huge sales opportunity. For the first time on the web, merchants, both big and small now have a direct channel to constantly engage with their customers via their Facebook Fan Page and sell those same products they are just posting photos of.

What steps are you going to take to improve your business and take advantage of Facebook?