Who says you can’t have an effective marketing campaign on a small budget? Thanks to innovation and the ongoing acceptance of marketing strategies, anyone from the entrepreneur to a large corporation can get the recognition they need to be successful. But don’t be vanilla about it … DIY marketing campaigns that stand out offer sweet rewards.

SoLoMo Marketing

Social: The ability to highlight the distinguishing details of your business and showcase them across social networking platforms is remarkable. Not only is this method free (what, free?) but it reaches out to eyes and ears you may have missed in your other marketing techniques. Consider generation Y (birth range from 1977 to early 2000s) and their unique ability to get their opinion heard. Is it simply because people are asking? Our “millennials” generally offer honest reviews and rely on the personal experiences of others with brands and services.

Marketing through the social media platforms is imperative to your success. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp have become a way of life in the 21st century. Because a business relationship is less likely to be formed with a handshake than a Facebook “Like,” business owners can not only have free advertising but gain a deeper insight into what potential customers are really looking for. They can get honest answers to their questions and form an online community. Always remember to keep chatter and posts relevant to your purpose.

Mobile and Local: Marketing through social, local and mobile mediums is a concept that’s taking the world by storm. Smartphone owners (if you aren’t one now, be one soon) can access locally focused promotions through mobile apps. The information is based on the consumers geographical location and provides instant results. It’s a win-win for everyone. Owners get customers in their doors by offering discounts and coupons. Check out at a business location on Foursquare and you may be offered incentives immediately. SoLoMo offers deals to customers based on local relevance and social habits.

Print Collateral

Streamlining your advertising campaign gives a business a well-rounded voice and offers brand recognition to every generation possible. Don’t forget your gen-Xers and baby boomers who still appreciate the tangible lifestyle. Delight their senses with unique and innovative print collateral. One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to do-it-yourself in virtual one-stop shops. Take a business card printing, for example, you can design and get a guaranteed turnaround with your product delivered to your doorstep. Better yet, you can use social media to find a reliable printing company.

Tip: Don’t forget to add your Twitter handles, web addresses and QR codes to your print collateral.

Guerrilla Marketing

Achieve conventional goals (profits) with unconventional methods by investing less money and more energy into your marketing campaign. This is guerrilla marketing. People tend to gravitate toward small businesses if they know they exist. Gain recognition by breaking free from the traditional marketing methods and trying something new. For example, you can place an add on walking billboards in a downtown area of your city. Or hire “strangers” in business suits to chat with people about your product at a busy street corner.

Being in touch with technological advancements allows you to be one step ahead of the competition. Get people chatting about your business by maintaining an online presence and launch your company or business strategy to new heights with DIY printing practices.