If you’re wondering what program, product or service to launch next — stop guessing and do a quick survey!

Maybe you’re stumped about what questions to ask on your customer survey. Well, I’ve done some thinking for you — it’s in my latest article over on QuestionPro

What’s turning your customers on or off?

  1. What are the trigger events that get them thinking about your product or service?
  2. What is the last thing your customers see or hear about your product that drives them to purchase it?
  3. What are the failure modes that can happen with your product to create a bad experience?
  4. What excuses do customers give to your sales people about why they switched?
  5. What did your customers experience with an alternative that drove them to switch to your product?
  6. What words do people use to talk about your product or service to friends and family?
  7. What qualms or discomforts do people feel or talk about regarding your product or service?What are the potential opportunities you might be missing out on?
  8. What are some features that competitors or other alternatives offer that you don’t?
  9. What do your customer WISH for that no one seems to get?
  10. What is really important to your customer when they are buying what you are selling
  11. What features do you offer that your customers don’t seem to value?What can you learn about your customer? (besides their income level)
  12. Who is currently buying what you are selling?
  13. What are their lives really like?
  14. What frustrations do they have that your product or service solves?
  15. What is their perceived notion of how this problem is solved?
  16. Who do they listen to when it comes to solving this problem?
  17. Who influences them when they purchase what you are selling?
  18. Where do they spend their money not just how much do they make, but what do they value?
  19. What is the single most important benefit your customer gets from your product?
  20. What image do your customers have of your brand?

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