I love Twitter. Every Tuesday and Thursday I have the luxury on jumping into some of my favorite TweetChats. #InfluencerChat (Thursdays at 8pm ET), #GetRealChat (Thursdays at 9pm ET), #CustServ (Thursdays at 9pm ET), #ViralChat (Thursday at 9pm ET). I have a few more like #SmallBizChat (Wednesday at 8pm ET) that I like to see when I’m available. I can spend all day on those things, they are SOOO addicting. But I digress.

Can we talk?

I want to talk to you about Twitter. Mostly, I want to save you from the pipe dream of success via automated DM (Direct Message) campaigns which have now migrated to “Reply” or “Mention” campaigns. IT DOESN”T WORK

CTA automated campaigns are driving your customers away


Why would you piss in yourown water?

I’m talking about spam on Twitter these days. It polluted the Direct Message feature — which?used to be useful as a way to email someone your contact information. But for years now, has been polluted by spammy messages (also called DM campaigns) that have begun to enter into my previously pristine “Mentions” column of TweetDeck.

If you currently have automated DM tool that look anything like this —

Twitter BAD

I’m not sure if you know or not — but sending auto DM’s led to a 245% Increase in unfollows! You know what? I haven’t ever unfollowed anyone who auto-DMed me. But I think I’m going to do that NOW! I’ll be right back. Hmm I wonder if there’s an automation tool for that?

The automation tools that offer this automated campaign feature “warn” you about providing valuable content. But remember, they mean valuable to your AUDIENCE and not to you.

A few tips on automated Direct Messages

  • You don’t need to thank me for following, I’d much rather you share my content, ask specific questions about the content, etc.
  • Please don’t give me extra work to go check out your Facebook page or web site. Ummm your website is on your Twitter profile, so I will check it out. And if you’re sending me to a landing page – I’ll be pissed off and unfollow you.
  • Have a conversation with me — something REAL, like you would say to another person. Here’s a great example of a GOOD direct message:dm reply
    It’s not fancy, but it lets me know that this is a real person and he also brings out something we have in common.

Bottom line: There is a place for strategic automation, but automating replies and direct messages isn’t really one of them. These two Twitter functions — “Reply” and “Direct Message” are a person’s digitally “intimate” space. If you were face-to-face with someone you’ve never met –?would you instruct them to “Like you on Facebook”, “download a free report” or “Connect on LinkedIn” — No. Not in that first contact. That is for later.

Here is a step-by-step plan on connecting with someone on Twitter in a way that will have you standing out.

Have a clear understanding of who you want to connect to and why. What is your?reason for wanting to connect with them?

Create Twitter lists of people and brands you would like to LISTEN TO. Here is a snapshot of my lists:

My Lists (1)

One list I want to bring your attention to is one I call “SMB Advocate Brands

advicates (1)
This is a list I created so that I can identify and watch those brands who have specific strategies and programs for small businesses. I know that they’ve done Twitter Chats, events and other special programs and that means that we small business owners are on their radar. So I want to watch what they are doing and promote it to my audience. I want to help as much as I can. So, I have a strategic reason for this list and I have criteria for this list.

Of course, I’ve followed them and placed them on this list. I have NOT sent any Direct Messages or automated replies to them. WHY? Because I want them to know I’m watching through my actions and not through automated replies. It’s a sort of “show me” strategy that is much more powerful than an automated strategy.

Why You Don’t Need to Automate Replies, DMs, RTs, Likes, etc

You do not need to automate replies, direct messages, mentions and likes because the person you are automatically responding to ALREADY SEES YOUR ACTIONS! ?There are two columns that most Twitter users will focus on (especially if they have more than 20 followers); Mentions and Notifications. After that, they look to their lists. So there is NO NEED to automate these things because they’ve already seen you and your automated message lands as SPAM, GARBAGE and creates the exact opposite reaction than what you are looking for.

From now on make a commitment to:

  • View Twitter as a giant digital party of people who crave true, real connection and engagement. Treat them the way?they want to be treated. Be the person that contributes to that relationship.
  • Consciously listen to what people are sharing. When you see something that piques your curiosity, click on the link, read the content and ask them a question or make a comment about the content that they shared.convo 2 (1)
  • Honor the person’s “Mention” and “DM” space — it’s personal. Mentions are for acknowledging and conversation. DM’s are for sharing personal information such as contact info so that you can move the conversation forward.

Twitter Insiders and Influencers that you want to connect with DO NOT want to see your shallow automated DMs and replies. Just look at this stream I grabbed from the weekly #InfluencerChat:

dm 1

These are just two tweets out of dozens of them — I just thought you should know.