Have you ever heard someone say they have to turn nothing into something? The reality is that some people feel that they have nothing going on in their lives. My goal is to inspire at least one person to see the greatness that is already on the inside so they can see what they can be on the outside.
What you know can make you dough. Pick a brand and take a stand. What you know should give your life a flow and not put you in debt where you owe. There is definitely SSSUMthing special about your life. Let me breakdown what that SSSUMthing is.
S is for Subscriber. When you open a Facebook account and someone becomes your friend or they like your Business Page they give you the permission to stay in touch with them. On Twitter when someone follows you they look forward to what you have to say. When you start a blog and others sign up for updates they give you a vote of confidence that they value what you have to say. The key is to get started because people are dying to hear why you are living.
S is for Sales. Having people like or follow you is super cool. Ask them if they will support your dream financially? How do you find this out? Develop a product or service geared towards the ones that like and follow you. An easy way to start is to sell an ebook and make a great offer with it. If you buy my ebook 1 WORD Is All It Takes you also get a free 8×11 Personalized Derricknym.
S is for Speaking Engagements. When you are able to convert subscribers into sales the industry will start to view you as an expert and want to pay you come out and speak at future meetings, conferences and events. There is nothing better in the world then to make money, visit a new city, be treated like a rock star with all expenses paid. HARD (Having A Realistic Dream) work pays off.
U is for Unity. The pot gets sweeter when others in your industry see what you do and become interested in partnerships. Opportunities come in different ways so you have to be mindful of your time and if it’s a project that you can commit to. Being a Blog Contributor is a great way to get your name out there while helping someone else. The topic is created and others are invited to comment and everyone promotes the effort. Another great way to team up with others experts is contribute a chapter to a book like I did with Business Leaders Book Club: Lessons Learned From The Recession that featured authors from all over the world.
M is for Movement. When you look back at your journey and see how you inspired subscribers into sales and partnered with other experts around the world it start to create a buzz for you. Doors will open for you that never opened before. Things will challenge you but there is SSSUMthing special about you that can’t be denied. You have mountain moving momentum where the only thing that gets in your way is others that want to be like you.
Take a moment today and start turning your Knowthing into SSSUMthing. If you’re already there teach someone else how to make it to the top with you.