Your older blog posts aren’t just sitting there – they have powerful SEO juice and may also be attracting decent numbers of visitors. Don’t let them go to waste!

Consider adding targeted links and marketing messages to your highest page ranked older posts. All those old blog posts don’t just sit there gathering dust; Google and other search engines assign authority to the best content you wrote long ago. Why not make sure they are pushing and visitors and link juice to your best landing pages

You can add a keyword optimized outbound link and sales paragraph to the end of your best posts in a way that does not reduce the readability of the post.This is a great way to get a deeper landing page on your main site ranked for a less competitive keyword and to spread important marketing messages. Just use the same paragraph at the end of a few of your best, older posts.

For example, one of my company’s older blog posts that gets good traffic is “Tips for Home Document Scanning.” It gets good traffic and has a good page rank. I added a paragraph at the end of the post:

New from OfficeDrop

ScanDrop scanning software is OfficeDrop?s newest product. ScanDrop makes it easy to scan paper directly into popular cloud services. Here is where you can self-scan with ScanDrop: Scan to Google Docs, scan to Evernote, Scan to Dropbox, scan to OfficeDrop, soon scan to gmail, scan to local disk. ScanDrop also offers powerful PDF tools like preview, page reorder, rotate, delete, and more. When scanning to the cloud, add metadata like tags, labels, notebooks, and folders/collections.

This is a great strategy because it lets you put great targeted sales content into pages that are getting good traffic and also transfers good search engine link power to deeper pages in your site.

A few tips: You don’t want to link to URLs that you’ve already linked to in that post, in the footer, the header, etc. because multiple outbound links to the same URL on one page only count once. Finally, don’t overdo it; too many outbound links on a single page reduce the power of each outbound link. Be reasonable with the number of outbound links you pack into any particular page.