Customer reviews are a really powerful way to attract new customers or to check up on a referral that you received. An Ivy Worldwide study recently showed that CEOs made technical purchasing decisions just like consumers did; by going online, doing research and reading online customer reviews (but you already knew that).

Tell Customers Where to Go

You already know that reviews are critical to your business – so how do you collect them?

PLEASE don’t assume that people will naturally be inspired to go to your web site or to any other online resource and give you a testimonial or review. You have to TELL them where to go. Provide the links and even prompt them as to what to say. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, your customers will appreciate it. Your telling them will save them time and energy and make it easy for them to help you — which they want to do.

Add a Review Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

Did you know that your Facebook Fan page has a review tab on it? I didn’t even realize it until my web designer asked me to write a review.

DIYMarketers has just been through a re-design process that was completed by my new favorite WordPress Resource JPWeb Design.

After the job was done and he was SURE that I was beyond thrilled. He asked me to post a review on his Facebook Fan page and his LinkedIn profile. I had already referred him several times because I was so happy – but I hadn’t even thought about writing a review. It wasn’t hard, I was still in the afterglow of having a new site that works like a charm. His reviews were up in minutes. Easy for me. Valuable for him.

How to add a review tab on your Facebook Fan Page

There is a “Review” application that you have to find on Facebook. I took a shortcut and searched in Google for “Review application facebook” and it took me straight there.

Then all you have to do is add the application to your page.

When you get back to your Fan Page — you’ll see this double arrow at the top.

Click on that and VOILA! Review Tab!

Your Action Item for the Day

Add a “Review Tab” to your fan page and tell your fans and customers to write reviews there!