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This is a guest post by Gene Sigalov of SimpleTexting.

What is Text Message Marketing?

A simple?yet powerful?way to connect with customers like never before.

Text marketing is easy and enables you to:
? Create loyal customers
? Bring in customers on demand
? Increase profits

Sound good? Keep reading.

How Does it Work?

You send texts to your customers and they respond in a big way by busying up your small business.

Typical text marketing messages include
? ?Text coupons
? ?Exclusive discounts
? ?Event alerts
? Appointment reminders

When customers receive your texts, they’re prompted to take immediate action?giving your business a boost exactly when you need it.

Does it Work?

Absolutely. Why? Everyone can get texts and they’re almost never ignored.

Chances are good that almost all your customers have a cell phonemost of them probably have it on them at all times, ready to read your text in seconds.

Text messaging is an extremely popular and powerful tool.
? ?99% of text messages are opened and read.
? ?90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.
? ?6.3 billion texts are sent everyday in America alone.

Can you imagine nearly 100% of your marketing messages being read? Or being able to control exactly when your customers will read them?
Texts are perfect for directing customer traffic to your business on slow days or during off-peak hours.

Is it Spam?

Absolutely not! You only text customers who opt-in to receive your messages. What that means is you’re marketing to an interested and invested audience who wants to hear from you.women texting with shopping bags

It’s easy for customers to opt-in as easy as sending a text to join your list. Setting up a system and getting people to opt-in isn’t as hard as it sounds I’ll explain how in my next couple blog posts.

Why is it important for Small Businesses?

Text messaging creates an intimate and personal connection with your valuable customers. When a customer accepts your company’s texts, they’re admitting you into an exclusive space usually reserved for friends and family.

It’s the personal touches that elevate small businesses above the faceless big-business competition. An effective SMS campaign is an ideal marketing strategy for the small business that wants to take its customer-company relationship to the next level.