In my latest book review on Small Business Trends, I take a look at “The 24-Hour Customer” by Adrian Ott.

If you’re in any way responsible for developing new products, services or offerings you can’t afford to miss reading this book. If you didn’t follow the link above that takes you to the video – then follow this one and invest the few minutes watching — I promise it will be worth it.

The 24-Hour Customer:Time-onomics from Adrian Ott on Vimeo.

Here is the short Skippy:

  • We spend as much time shopping as we did in the 60’s. But there are exponentially more things to by and to choose.
  • Your customer basically isn’t excited about buying what you have to offer – because they are just too busy.
  • The only way you can differentiate yourself enough to get chosen is to understand this and to look for ways to work yourself into your customers’ day.
  • Using Ott’s Time-Ographics model will get you focused on how customers actually buy: Motivation, Habit, Value, Convenience.

There are so many more wonderful insights and concepts in this book. You absolutely cannot afford to go into your next calendar year or planning cycle without seriously reading, processing and finding ways to implement the concepts in this book inside your business.