One of my guilty pleasures is indulging in some screen shopping.  That’s when I sit on the couch while my husband is watching some action movie and scroll through the deals at Amazon.  I don’t often buy anything – but I will save some items to a list waiting for a sale.

Well — this is the week to take action because it’s Amazon Prime Day.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re probably going to get some of the best deals this side of Black Friday.

Since I know you’re busy, I’ve shared some of the items I’ve been looking at to up my small business game — I think you’ll like them too.

Best Tech Tools for Small Business

As a value-seeking entrepreneur, you’re probably doing your best with what you’ve got — just to save money.  The tech tools I’m sharing here will help you add a little extra to your business without breaking the bank.



Mini-Podcaster Studio

If you’ve been thinking about adding podcasting to your marketing mix — this is just the thing to bring out your best radio voice.

Helpful Review:

As most studio engineers would recommend when just starting out, it’s better to spend some money on acoustic paneling and get your room sounding a little cleaner. But if you’re on an extremely tight budget, this might be the best option. This shield will clean up your vocals or voice-overs, but it WILL NOT solve fundamental problems in your room’s acoustics.

For a podcaster, voice-over artist, or other recording professional, this shield will give you a significant boost in quality. For musicians or producers, the boost in quality will be nominal. Regardless, the shield performed exactly as intended and I would recommend it to anyone who knows exactly why they need a shield like this. –Matthew Mehrtens



Super Powerful Router

If you do a lot of webinars, online video meetings and calls — then you want a powerful connection.  The last thing you want is to be closing that big deal or going through a slide deck only to have the connection drop! This powerful router should do the trick.

Helpful Review:

To begin with, I have been through numerous routers (Netgear- 3 different models, Linksys- 4 different models, Tenda- 1 model, TP- 1 model) and they all had good and bad areas of performance. As a general rule, I found the 5GHz band in all of them lacking in strength of signal or the constant degradation of the band and the necessary rebooting of the routers and modem. So, continuing my search I came upon the Synology MR2200ac mesh router on Amazon.

This is what I found exceptional:
1. Works well out of box as a standalone or mesh router with a lot of customization options (really!).
2. Strong performance in both the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands. So strong, in fact, that I no longer had to have a wifi extender in my house (1700 sq feet)
3. Consistency of performance. I have not had to reboot either the router or modem since install (6/5/19).
4. No longer have any pauses with streaming videos throughout the house. Synology has a really good traffic controller built in.
5. Excellent security built in.
6. Good looking and a very small footprint.
7. Very price competitive.

– C. Krater




Even with a great router, you may want to take your office just a bit out of range — like a patio, man cave or she-shed office.  For that, you’re going to want a wifi-extender.

Helpful Review:

Wow, I can’t believe this actually worked! I purchased this Powerline set in order to get internet in my art studio without having to run a cable through yet another conduit after we hooked up the electricity. The price was right, and although I didn’t really expect it to work, I thought I’d take the chance. So glad I did! My studio has it’s own breaker box, which is connected through a long line/conduit to another breaker box in the house. So, this Powerline device is working through not one, but two breaker boxes. It’s working like a champ! I can stream video, download and upload large image files, and run wifi into the yard for playing music and allowing guests to access the guest network when we have cookouts and bonfires. The fact that it worked at all under the circumstances is impressive, but that it works with the same speed as devices hardwired to the router in the house is especially impressive! Highly recommend! — Robin Perry




Best Travel computer Chromebook

Travel-Ready Chromebook

If you do any amount of travel, you’re going to want a teeny tiny computer that provides a carefree way to do actual work without worrying about it getting stolen or falling and breaking.  This Chromebook does the trick! And the read color will keep you looking hip at any conference.

Helpful review: 

My 13″ MacBook Pro is my usual day-to-day machine, but I wanted something inexpensive and, most importantly, small and light, to take traveling to Europe. At less than $200 and around 2 lbs, this fit the bill. CPU, RAM, and storage are all sufficient for everything I want to do — Gmail, Spotify, Google Docs, browsing — without straining or bogging down. Paired with the TeckNet Bluetooth Mouse (also from Amazon) I have a secure, portable, and very usable traveling setup. And, should it get lost or stolen somewhere on the road, my data is safe on Google’s servers, and it won’t break the bank to replace it.
Although I gave the individual review items — material, sound, battery life — each 4 stars (fine, but not great), the total package is a solid 5-star offering. An astounding amount of computer for the price, and 100% recommended if the Chromebook computing model meets your needs. — Bay Area, CA


best luggage for entrepreneur business travel

Luggage to Guide Through Your Next Trip

You don’t notice that your old luggage sucks until you start dragging it behind you at the airport and it hits your foot and turns on its side — Grrrr.  You need those spinning 4 wheels to help you effortlessly glide through the airport.  Here you’re actually getting TWO of these puppies.  They are light enough to allow a few extras without being overweight and sturdy enough to withstand any gorillas that might be hiding behind the baggage claim wall.

Helpful Review:

I’ve used a variety of luggage over the years and was thoroughly impressed with the SAMSONITE CENTRIC set. I felt this set addressing any/all concerns I would typically have with luggage: protection, security, expandable and easy to move/handle. The 4 spinning wheels at the bottom is a difference maker. Having lived with the 2 wheel variety of luggage for years, I thoroughly appreciated having the 4 spinning wheels that allowed me to move my bags through the slow TSA line without having to “tilt-and-tow”. The wheels are solid and spin effortlessly for a smooth, even glide. It was nice to be able to keep my bag right next to be rather than towing and parking through the line. — DAChokie

best clothes for women entrepreneur


Better than Pajamas Women’s T-Shirt Dress

Working from home has never looked so good – or felt as comfortable.  Get every color of this cute T-shirt dress for about $10 and consider yourself looking professional but feeling fun and comfy.

Helpful Review:

This is a versatile summer dress! The material breathes and is light, but isn’t see-through or cheap like some others online. I pair it with a cardigan and flats for work, sandals on the weekend, you can easily dress it up or down. The cut is very flattering, it is loose fitting yet still has shape — CJones


best mens work at home t shirt


Best Men’s Work Shirt

I know, you work from home so that you can wear that “who farted” t-shirt if you want to.  But then, what happens when that client surprises you with a video call?  Huh? What will you do then?  This is your answer! At just about $10 you can have one for every day.  And — get this — you can buy a bunch, take them to your local sports embroidery store and have them add your logo!

Helpful Review:

These shirts are amazing for their quality, fit and price. Easily worth twice the price at $13.99. They have a soft feel for comfort and fit exactly as I thought. (I’m 6ft and 180lbs so I ordered large) They are mostly cotton so they will absorb any sweat on a hot day and are slightly stretchy for ease of movement like golf or a game of catch. You can wear them right out of the dryer, but if they wrinkle at all a quick pressing is all they need. These are old school with a soft drape to the fit, not smaller and form fitting like so many out there now. I got three, but probably get a few more colors. Just nice to have around for summer. Good job Amazon.

Home Office Headquarters

You know how they say that you should dress for success? Well, the same is true for your home office.  Make it look like the global headquarters that it is! Even if your customers or clients don’t come and visit your home office, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t reflect your style and be a comfortable place to work.

These items will have you looking and feeling like the CEO that you are.





Sleek and Compact Computer Desk

Are you using a banquet table as your desk?  Maybe a kitchen table?  STOP IT! No room, no problem.  I just love this sleek computer desk! Ideal for small spaces and paperless offices. Enough room for two monitors if you are that intense or if you’re like me and some of your office is in a guest roo — this is functional and unobtrusive.

Helpful Review:

Bought this for my daughter to use as a desk/makeup vanity in her room. We originally ordered it for Christmas but was so excited about it and the chair we got that we gave it to her already. My husband and I put it together ourselves with nothing more than a Phillips head screw driver and a hammer. It took us about 45 minutes all together and it looks great!! I will most likely be ordering another one for myself for my room!!



Creativity Boosting Office Rug

Colors like red and orange are said to give you a creativity and energy boost – so why not boost your office space with this natural-fiber run?

Helpful Review:

My favorite thing about this rug is the feel. Being natural Jute one would expect a stiff, perhaps scratch texture. In no way does it feel like one of those outdoor rugs. This rug is extremely soft to the touch and feels super comfy on the feet.  — Kathleen


iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging


Roomba all Day Long

Who says there’s no budget for a cleaning staff — for just about $200 this 24/7 employee doesn’t require healthcare, food or even a break! Besides, you can always watch it zip around your office as a mindfulness meditation.

Helpful Review:

Enter Ruby. After 6 days, I can honestly say I’m in love with Ruby. Six whole days of us not touching a broom (aside from sweeping the dirt from an awkward corner into her path the first day), there is not a single doggie hair tumbleweed on our floors. My feet are pretty clean when I run around barefooted all day. I’m no longer embarrassed or panicked when someone says they’re going to stop by the house. It’s even clean under the beds and couches!!! – Jamie Minton



Drink from this Infuser Bottle

Brains like water — but I’m not so good at getting all the water my body probably needs.  This infuser bottle solves that problem.  Now you can naturally flavor your water with your favorite fruit and have it stay nice and cold.

Helpful Review: 

I’m someone who probably doesn’t get the daily water intake I should, mainly because I find water boring. I’m always looking for something to spice it up. The Aqua Zinger is a water bottle that infuses water with various flavors of natural products. A compartment at the bottom of the water bottle offers plenty of room to add things like strawberries, limes, mint, ginger, oranges, or any other fruits and herbs you prefer. Metal grinders in the bottom cup mash up the inserted foods as you twist on the body of the bottle, although I advise giving the bottom cup’s cap a few spins before putting the bottle on. A metal mesh on the bottom cup allows flavors to infuse the water without allowing in unwanted pulp. The bottle itself holds 20 oz. of water and supports a refill before changing of ingredients is necessary. — Rob Logan