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Looking for a new creative logo? We’ve pulled together the best logo design platforms, tools and services that you can get for free or close to free.

How can logo makers be helpful for small businesses?

After writing your business plan and naming your business, a logo is an important step in giving your brand credibility and developing your company’s identity. It can be difficult and overwhelming to create a logo design which is meant to be permanent and the face of your company.

How can you possibly convey what your business stands for in a single image?

Logo design costs (and quality) can also vary widely; for instance, the rebranding of BPs logo cost $211,000,000

(I think it’s important to include all the zeros in that number; let that sink in) while Nike’s iconic swoosh cost $35.

According to Simplio Web Studio, In 1971, the co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight bought the Swoosh from Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student at the Portland State University, where Knight was teaching a class in accounting. When he bought the logo, Knight commented, I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.

The example of Nike’s logo that obviously grow on its co-founder and its legion of fans, shows that it is possible to produce a logo with limited resources.

Are Online Logo Design Tools Any Good?

Yes! You can get a professional looking logo and brand package using free logo maker tools.

Online logo generator platforms have essentially become another option for startup businesses on a budget. They provide the potential for discovering a design that just might convey your business in visual form to the world.

We decided to try out some of the top free logo design platforms for a startup lifestyle website in order to save you some time with our top picks. Below are our favorites.

Tailor Brands

tailor A

Tailor Brands is one of the most user-friendly logo-creation platforms. It is essentially the Canva (the image editing platform) of logo generators. Beyond its simplistic setup, the criteria it uses to determine your personal aesthetic, creates some well-matched logos to correspond with your design style.


High-resolution download: $39

What to expect:

After typing the name of your business and giving a description of your business, Tailor Brands asks you to choose from 3 logo types: Icon Based, Name Based or Initial Based.

Logo Tailor 1

Next, Tailor goes through a ?This or That? series in order to better understand your style.

Logo Tailor 2

Finally, Tailor will give you logo options to select from or edit.

Logo Tailor 3

Logo Maker

logo maker

The Logo Maker platform is a little less polished compared to Tailor, however, you still have a wide range of design style choices. We did notice though that they didn’t have a large library of specific images when doing a keyword search so for this platform, you may do better with an abstract or letter based logo.

Logo Maker 1


Free Web-Based Logo or $49 for Hi-Res Image to also be used offline

What to expect:

You’ll start by choosing your business industry and similar to Tailor, you will decide between symbol based, letter based or abstract based logos.

You will select your image and then you will be brought to an editing page where you can add text and change the colors of any of the elements in your design.

Logo Maker 2

Once saved, you can purchase your logo for $49. Logo Maker does also offer free web-ready logo code to paste on your webpage. Keep in mind that with the free web-based logo, this design still belongs to Logomaker and you won?t be able to use it for print based items like business cards or t-shirt designs. In the long-run, it probably makes more sense to purchase the logo unless you are just testing out or seeing if it ?grows on you?.

LogoMaker also offers a 30 day guarantee where if you do not like your logo, they will help you get a logo you are happy with or refund your purchase. This was something we didn’t see offered by many other logo design platforms. They can also help create any special files your need or a unique size or file types that’s not included in your purchase.

Logo Garden

logo garden

Logo Garden is very user friendly and allows for easy customization with element placement, fonts and colors. This platform brings you straight to an editing page without asking you initial design questions. This is great when you already have an idea for what you want and would like to just play around with ideas.


Low-Resolution Logo: Free

High-Resolution Logo: $24.99 (currently $12.50)

What to expect:

Since you are taken directly to an edit page, you simply search their database of images and symbols, select one, add text and you’re done. You can easily rotate text to run vertically or have it create an arch shape; they make many design features easy to accomplish within seconds.

Logo Garden 1


GraphicSprings is an intuitive logo maker that combines AI with professionally designed logo templates. Their platform gives you tons of editing capabilities that allow you to create the perfect logo in less than 5 minutes. 


High-Resolution Logo: Packages starting at $19.99

What to expect:

The GraphicSprings logo maker will take you through a simple 3 step process that asks you to enter your business name, choose your industry (or keyword) and select your template. Once you arrive on the editing page you can change colors, play with fonts and add a variety of effects. Purchased logos are immediately available for download in high-res JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS and PSD.


Online Logo Maker

online logo maker

Much like Logo Garden, Online Logo Makeris another platform where if you are creative and want to try playing around with different images and fonts, this platform will allow you the potential to create an excellent logo.


Logo 500px wide in PNG format: Free

Premium Logo Download (SVG Vector Format, Transparent Background): $19

What to expect:

Select a category and then select symbols within that category or upload any of your own images. Once you select an image, you will be taken to the editing page when like the other platforms, you have the ability to make the design your own.

Logo Online 1

Once finished, you can save your design so you can continue to make edits or download your design.

Logo Online 4

How to Choose the One That’s Right for You

These are just a few platforms that you can choose from — and there area ?few other resources that I didn’t mention in the article, but I will mention here, along with some advice on how to choose the option that’s best for you.

99Designsis one of my favorite tools. While it’s not as expensive as hiring a fancy agency, it’s a little beyond the price points featured in this article. One great reason to choose them is if you aren’t exactly sure of what you want and/or you have a lot of different design projects that go beyond logos.

Fiverrand Upworkare like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get for the prices. I’ve known people who have been insanely successful and happy and others who haven’t.

At such low prices, you can afford to play with any or all of these tools and pick the one you like. Remember, you don’t have to spend millions to have a million dollar logo.