content marketingIt takes a tremendous amount of work to build a successful content marketing strategy. Luckily there are lots of super easy marketing tips to build a marketing plan that thrives. One big tip is to clearly articulate your goals. Many businesses want to use content marketing to establish leadership, create awareness, and convert leads. Let’s take a look at three commonly seen mistakes that content marketers make and what you need to know to avoid them.

Curating Content From the Web and Driving Traffic Elsewhere.

This requires less time for marketers who don’t have their own content. Linking in and linking out are the most common forms of curating.

Linking out is a form of social sharing. It involves combing the web for the best content in your niche and then sharing it with your followers on social media platforms. This method of curating establishes you as an expert resource without going to the extent of creating content from scratch. The downside is that it doesn’t tend to bring traffic to your business website.?

Linking in is when a marketer hosts curated content right on its website. Companies for hire enable marketers to host this information and take care of the SEO and copyright issues. This allows you to position your brand as an expert while you gain more visitors to your website. You also associate your brand with top publishers, so you can offer a level of trust to your customers.

Creating Editorial Content Through Reliance on Outside Experts Exclusively.

To purchase content, you can hire companies to assist your business and help you build a virtual editorial board, or you can accrue a group of bloggers on your own. You’ll be paying outside experts (think freelance journalists) to write about your industry. You’ll own the content, and pay your writers for content that meets your standards. One disadvantage lies in the fact that your writers may not be intimately familiar with your business.

The internal experts who work for your company create another type of editorial content. Engineers, scientists or other highly knowledgeable experts may create the content. The cost is lofty because high-value employees spend their valuable time creating it, but it is likely the best quality content you can create because your experts know their stuff better than anyone else. This is a big way your small business can differential itself: create powerful content that is share-friendly that your visitors will appreciate.

Having a ?Video only!? Mindset.

The proliferations of YouTube, Vine and other social video sites have caused the mindset to evolve and believe a video is a cure-all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t magically solve all of your content marketing woes.

A mistake many marketers make is not grasping how and when people consume video. Many people believe the maximum amount of content is consumed in the morning. Data shows this is just not the case. The prime time for content marketing is all the time.

Content marketing is a method of marketing your business that can lead to great success. Many businesses place this form of marketing on a pedestal due to the great results it brings their business. Avoid the common pitfalls of content marketing and you’ll reap the plentiful benefits content marketing provides.

What content marketing mistakes have you made?

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