The more I work with small businesses searching for the best ways to interact with clients, the more I realize that email messaging is still one of the most effective ways to communicate. In fact, studies show nearly 77% of people still prefer to receive promotions via email. So how can your business increase its email reach and capitalize on this proven success? Here are eight tips for increasing your email mail

1. Offer an incentive. More companies are offering a free downloadable ?tip sheet? or ebooks to entice readers to sign up. Free gifts are a great way to motivate a person to action.

2. Keep it simple. Make sure you keep the signup form as simple as possible. In fact, just asking for an email address will guarantee you more subscriptions than requesting additional information like name, zip code, and demographics. Save that for an ?update your profile? message once the person is subscribed.

3. Make the email easy to forward. Take advantage of the forward to a friend? option that comes with so many email platforms. This is a great way for your customer to send the information to other networks and attract potential subscribers.

4. Make it easy at tradeshows and conferences. Attending a conference or being a tradeshow vendor means you will meet dozens of prospective customers. Make it easy for those individuals to subscribe to your email newsletter by asking them to simply scan a QR code with their smartphone.

5. Use social media. Don’t limit your email subscription form to your website or blog. Be sure to include an email sign-up form on all your social media platforms. It’s very possible a prospective customers will go to your Facebook page before she ever reaches your website.

6. Watch the frequency by which you send out messages. It’s tempting to schedule several messages to go out each week. But is that what your customers want? If you are sending more than two message each week and you see your unsubscribe count increasing, consider sending fewer messages.

7. Make the subject line compelling. So many people only read an email subject line before deleting or opening a message. Write your subject lines so the words inspire curiosity and engage the reader. Consider using a question or call-to-action phrase.

8. Include valuable content in your email. More than anything, give your reader a reason to subscribe and keep reading your messages by including information that is of value.

Do you have tips and sure-fire tricks you’ve used to gain new email subscribers? Share with me and your fellow DIY Marketers readers.