Email marketing is the most efficient way for salespeople everywhere to communicate with clients, prospects and colleagues and track that correspondence. Efficient. Yes efficient despite the fact that your average salesperson faces over 6,000 emails in their inbox each month. Six thousand. Just in the in- box.

I have just discovered a great new App that will help parse and track that email, in real time, on the fly with your iPhone. Track the outgoing ones. These are the important ones. These are the ones that sales people send to sell. The App that will help change your life and your relationship with email is called Tout.

Tout is an amazing SaaS for email management. It integrates with the top email systems Outlook and Gmail, as well as top CRMs Salesforce and Highrise. Tout streamlines all sales-related communications into one simple real-time live feed. It integrates into your ios. You can use it for some sweet tasks that will help you become more efficient with your email.

For starters it provides you with templates. These are easy to use templates that keep you from rewriting those six or so emails that you constantly rewrite. Easy to use is key. There are many email templates out there. Not so easy to use. With tout you use the template then personalize. Unlike many others, Tout templates are super easy to use. Really.

Are you running an email marketing campaign that you want to arrive at a specific time in a specific day? Schedule it with Tout. Do you need an important email to arrive in someone’s inbox at a very specific time and date to insure impact? Yep. It will do that as well.

Here is where it gets interesting. Tout has some amazing cutting edge analytics to pack into your emails.

You sent a very important email to that client you are trying to reach. Did they open it? How long did they look at it? Did they look at it more than once? Did they click on any of the links? With Tout you know. In real time. Imagine the impact. You know which emails are effective. You can keep up with these live analytics on the fly on your phone, while waiting for your next appointment, in line at the store? No more waiting until you get back to your computer at the office.

Here is something even more critical. Here is how Tout?s real time analytics will improve your ability to close sales. That important email you sent two days ago, to the client you are dying to connect with was opened an hour ago. They looked at it for twelve minutes. They clicked on the links. Now is the perfect time to follow up with a phone call. Strike while the iron is hot. Increase the impact and improve your chances of closing that sale. Is there any other way to do this? None that I’m aware of.

I have been a sales executive to C Level accounts for over ten years. I understand how important time saving tools are to a sales professional. I understand closing sales. A good part of the psychology behind the close is knowing when to make that call. With Tout you know.

A criticism you may see about Tout is that the price point might seem a bit high for some. But you’ll have to try for yourself and see.

Tout is a pretty amazing and very useful tool for the sales professional! I would recommend it to any busy Sales professional interested in saving time, increasing their efficiency and blowing the roof off of sales with the ability to know the best time to call prospects and close sales. Give it a try. You wont be disappointed.