Do you have customers that are virtually impossible to reach? CEOs, doctors, lawyers — anyone who hides behind a virtual steel curtain of gatekeepers?

Well – have I got a marketing tool for YOU — MOBILE MARKETING!? Mobile — as in cell phones, PDA’s, iPhones, Blackberry’s — yeah those.

You’ve probably heard of mobile marketing, but just haven’t had the time to think it through and figure out how to make this tool work for you? This is your chance!

Our DIYMKT tweet chat this week features Heidi Culbertson, one of the leading experts and trend setters on mobile marketing technology and applications to marketing strategies. I met Heidi at a conference a few weeks ago and she literally blew my world wide open when she showed me how I could reach those impossible customers – and not because I’m badgering them – but because they asked for it. They opt in asking for what you have to offer via their most private door — their cell phone.