I’ve had this question in my mind for quite a while; What is the relationship between social media and PR? I’ve always felt unskilled at PR, yet social media excites me. And as I looked at which kinds of people were picking up on social media and how firms were using it – I noticed that it seemed to fall into the “PR” category. But I’m not a PR expert. So I decided to take my curiosity to Twitter and to a couple PR and media relations professionals Chrissanne Sternal of @SternalMrktg and Scott Bradley. @ScottBradley is the social media master behind the @TPEntrepreneur (Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) Brand of books, seminars and cult following.


Here is a summary of our discussions:

Q1. What’s the relationship between social media and PR?

SternalMrktg: @DIYMarketers Social Media is a great way to supplement your PR and can do great things to build ur brand #DIYMKT

t_s_f: SM and PR work hand in hand. Use the tool that works best for your firm and clients.

bradfordshimp: Q1 – Social media is a great place to connect with and get to know news people. #diymkt

ScottBradley: The relationships between social media and PR is that one supports the other #DIYMKT

SternalMrktg: Q1: Social media removes the traditional media filter in PR. With SM u can speak directly to ur audience. #DIYMKT

jamesdadd: #DIYMKT Social media creates communities, PR targets communities.

ScottBradley: Building a social media platform is essential to get the most out of normal PR hits #DIYMKT
dslatter: Q1 social media adds the opportunity for dialog to a PR camapaign #diymkt
SternalMrktg: @DIYMarketers I believe Social Med is about building relationships, for PR, for Mrktg & w customers #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q1: With Social you can get your message directly thru without the press controlling the message. #DIYMKT
wordpost: SM allows PR to extend the reach of a message and personal relationships in a way that wasn’t possible before #DIYMKT
t_s_f: Both SM and PR are about building and maintaining relationships. They just do it in different ways. Both are very effective. #diymkt
mcolacurcio: Q1: SM allows you 2 communicate directly w/ communities. PR engages the experts to add that third-party voice. #diymkt
Q2. What are your tips for integrating social media and PR?
SternalMrktg: @DIYMarketers Social Media enables virtually everyone to become their own PR person by connecting w media on facebook & twitter #DIYMKT
jamesdadd: #DIYMKT hardest part of PR to an SM community is your messaging mix, too much PR and they will turn off, just enough and they will adopt you
ScottBradley: If you want to integrate social media and PR…figure out your backend marketing funnel FIRST before anything else #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q2: Approach your press releases like u do ur blogs/Web sites. Make sure SEO is a big part of press releases. #DIYMKT
dslatter: Q2 keep ‘media speak’ for PR, just be authentic when using SM #diymkt
SternalMrktg: Q2: Be very mindful of the keywords and anchor tags you use in your social media press releases. #DIYMKT
bradfordshimp: Q2 – Social media helps push PR to new and unique places – as in you don’t know where it will be picked up and by whom. #diymkt
SternalMrktg: Q2: Integrate by connecting with media ppl on Twitter & engage in convo w them so you can build a relationship #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: @bradfordshimp So true, instead of just traditional media picking it up, now bloggers & others can pick up ur story #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q2: Don’t just blatantly pitch media on Twitter, but DO engage w them. Ur chance to pitch will make itself available #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: Leverage web 2.0 technology for traffic to places on the web…not making direct sales (Biggest mistake people make with SM) #DIYMKT
jamesdadd: #DIYMKT You have to get adopted by the community, foster relationships, friends and give something back don’t just push a message
ScottBradley: Once you know where you are pushing traffic…then figure out what you want people to do next….Opt-In to a list/join RSS feed etc. #DIYMKT
dslatter: Q2 use SM to engage people at each major touchpoint between u and your customers/target will enhance PR activities #diymkt
SusieSharp: Be known for being source of useful info… ppl want VALUE from communication, time 2 imp for nonsense tweets #DIYMKT
mcolacurcio: Q2: Have a focused message in both forms of outreach (SM & PR) otherwise you may muddle your identity. #DIYMKT
Q3. What are the biggest social media mistakes that hurt your reputation?
SternalMrktg: Q3: If you use social media the wrong way, it can hurt your reputation. Don’t just use SM to sell to people. #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: The biggest mistake that most people make with social media is trying to “Marry Customers” On the first exposure #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q3: Use traditional rules, too. Make sure ur cognizant of not saying anything that will offend certain publics. #DIYMKT
jamesdadd: @DIYMKT Mistakes, appear as an automated messager, little or no interaction, and not giving back
wordpost: Q3: social media spam is the easiest and fastest way to kill your image.
Q4. How do you bring an offline community online?

dslatter: Q4 show the offline community that SM is relevent- its about content AND conversation #diymkt
bradfordshimp: @DIYMarketers Q4 – You can bring offline communities online, but you need to plan on some real training time. #diymkt

Q5. What’s your favorite tool for managing your communities? Is there one or do you use many?

SternalMrktg: Q4: Make it easy for them to understand. Facebook is a great entry for many since they already use it on personal level. #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers I love tweetdeck, hootsuite, e-mail, facebook, twitter, linked in #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q5: I use so many and I’m always trying new ones. Tweetdeck & Hootsuite r great for managing twitter efforts #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q5: After building a relationship on twitter, I like adding new ppl as LinkedIn connection. Easier 2 keep track of their profile #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: @DIYMarketers I use TweetLater’s tweet alerts. Enter keywords that r relevant to ur biz and get alerts via email daily or hourly #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers I think another one is tweetbeep or tweetlater that you could use for alerts #DIYMKT

Q6. Where can we go to learn about using social media as a PR tool?
SternalMrktg: Q6: I like this blog post by @prsarahevans talking bout PR and social media http://tinyurl.com/6gohcz (expand) (some grt tips) #DIYMKT
dslatter: @DIYMarketers Q6 learn it all right here! #diymkt
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers I recorded an 80min teleseminar about using social media effectively http://www.budurl.com/smtele #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: @dslatter Great point, join many chats on Twitter to see what new trends are happening. #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q6: Also follow @skydiver to get tips on stories media working on via his Help A Reporter Out service (HARO) #DIYMKT
wordpost: Q6: here is a great collection of 23 social media case studies http://bit.ly/RrcEx (expand) #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q6: You never know where a PR opportunity is going to come from. Getting Twtter keyword alerts can help. #DIYMKT
Q7. If you could only do 2 PR tactics what would they be?

SternalMrktg: Q7: #1 I would definitely do a SEO-enhanced press release to drive traffic to your blog/Web site. #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers Facebook group + Youtube Videos #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q7: Tactic #2 PR tactic would b to learn how to pitch ur company in 140 characters for when u CAN pitch on twitter. #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: @DIYMarketers I’ve switched to Hootsuite for scheduling future tweets, a little easier/quicker to set up #DIYMKT
Q8. What should each of us to RIGHT NOW to improve our PR with social media tools?
SternalMrktg: @ScottBradley I also follow my clients keywords to join in the convo and see what people think about their brand #DIYMKT
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers Find a way to build a community of people around specific interests for your NICHE…then build that relationship ASAP #DIYMKT
SternalMrktg: Q8; I aggree w @ScottBradley Build a community, of reporters, bloggers & target customers for ur industry #DIYMKT
dslatter: Q8 use PR to create a reason to have a dialog/interaction with you, forget about selling to them
ScottBradley: @DIYMarketers Feel free to listen to my 80 min teleseminar helping you with SM Marketing http://www.budurl.com/smtele #DIYMKT


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