Wabi Sabi is the Japanese term for finding beauty in imperfection. This kind of philosophy is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to doing marketing on a budget.

With the recent success of cinema verite commercials like the Burger Kind “We’ve discontinued the Whopper” commercials, and the scads of “low budget” You Tube videos out there actually put together by big-and-deep-pocketed corporations. It should be clear to you by now – that it’s not about big-budget design. It’s about content and connection to your ideal customer.

So, as I move forward pulling together this DIY Marketers site – I’ve made the decision that this is strictly going to be LOW-BUDGET marketing. That means that you’ll see marketing techniques using every day items i.e. videos taken with my Fuji Finepix and the 1gigabyte card that’s in there.

This site as all about working together and helping each other get CHOSEN by our ideal customer – and NOT about showing how techy and glitzy we can be.

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