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Right now, I’m all alone in my office. This “I’m all alone and on my own” feeling isn’t new to most small business owners. While your friends and family are out and about having fun and vacationing, you feel like you’re attached to your business at the hip. It’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs refer to their business as their baby — it feels like it’s all on you to keep it alive and thriving.
The truth is — you’re NOT alone in this. In fact, you probably have way more friends in high places than you ever thought you did.

What you may not know about big business

I’m an insane advocate for small business and while we entrepreneurs can be corporate renegades, I think it’s important to acknowledge the many enterprise organizations who are OUR advocates.
For example — Chase — has created something called the Chase Mission Street Grant. This is a program they’ve developed in support of their mission to give out $3 million to small businesses.
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DIYMarketers Community Member Egg Marketing Applies for Chase Mission Main Street

I heard through the grapevine that one of our DIYMarketers — Susan Payton, CEO of Egg Marketing had applied for the grant — so I asked her —
“Susan — What are you going to do with $100,000?!”
That’s a question I recently had to answer when I applied for a Chase Mission Main Street grant. At first, the answer seemed easy: pay myself more! Invest in more writers and resources for my marketing company! But most people won’t give you money for reasons as selfish as those, so I had to dig deeper.
(I encourage you to think about this question and see if you can come up with a solid answer. It’s challenging!)
And so I thought about what I liked to do. I really like helping small business owners ahem DIY their marketing and PR (that’s why Ivana Taylor and I get along so well). I already have a website called How to Create a Press Releasethat’s gaining traction where I give readers everything they need to know to write a press release or pitch the media. There are also books and templates they can buy.
So I thought: what if I did something like that…on a grander scale? What if I have a giant site of blog posts, interviews, videos, ebooks, and resources that helps an entrepreneur do everything from research what kind of business to start to launch it and grow it? Wouldn’t that be cool?
Suddenly, that $100,000 didn’t seem like so much money. An endeavor like this would be major, but hey, I love a good challenge.
And so I applied for the grant, and am excited at the prospect of helping small business owners with this grandiose idea I have.

Are you thinking big enough?

One thing I really appreciate about Susan is her authentic response to the question by saying that she would pay herself more and pay her writers more. More than that, however, I’m blown away by her ability to think even BIGGER – beyond her needs and even those of her team, to the needs of small business owners everywhere.
There’s a lesson in that — we simply don’t think big enough. In fact, if she hadn’t applied for this grant, she would still be thinking small, and thinking small is what has us BEING small.

An Idea that Touches, Moves and Inspires is the Best Marketing

I’ve just come back from a conference where hundreds of big brands attended to learn how to better connect with small business owners. The hosts presented their research that clearly showed that talking about products and services simply wasn’t good enough – you have to be a contribution to your customer.
So, now it’s up to YOU — if you were applying to receive?$100,000 what would you do with it (remember paying yourself and your staff is nice, but not win-worthy) so think bigger! Share your ideas in the comments!
How you can help a fellow DIYMarketer — VOTE
Before Chase will even look at my meticulously written application, my company, Egg Marketing & Communication, needs 250 votes from the community. I’m sweating my butt off trying to get them, and would love your support. Click here, and I swear, in two seconds and one click of the “Vote” button, it’ll all be over. For you, anyway. I’ll have to start building out my site if I get the grant!
Please support my company by voting for us for the Mission Main Street grant.